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Quote this anywhere; in 21st century, if your business is not online, your business is nowhere.  In fact, if you are not online, then you are literally isolated from the rest of the world. The reason is simple: Everyone is online.

The new sets of billionaires are the dot-com billionaires. These people have harnessed the power of the internet to reach millions to billions of people in the world. The reason why you get to read this information is that it’s online and you are online.

Just like we have the planet earth and people get their own lands to build their houses, shops, restaurants, hotels, firms, companies and so on, you must also have your own “land” on the internet where you can build whatever you want to.

The “land” on the internet is called a blog or a website. No matter how small the business you have, you should get a land on the internet and build your shop.

It’s a must and there is no two way about it. If you have never seen any reason or the need to, continue reading and you’ll see what you are missing and what you losing.


  1. People get to find you. There is no point in having a business and people don’t know you are into such business. You’ll never be able to sell and your business will die. Everyone is on the internet nowadays, searching for products and services.If I need a good graphics designer and you go on Google to look for graphics designers in Nigeria, Google will only find graphic designers on the internet. Google won’t find you if you are not on the internet. No matter how good you are, you’ll be losing a lot of clients and money if you don’t have a website. No one on will find you.


  1. It saves you time, money and stress. There was a time people went from door to door to advertise their products. Then, they’ll have to talk for hours before the can convince people to buy their products. They pay people to advertise for them and it goes on like that. Imaging all the pain, stress, time and cost it’ll take to get to a hundred people or a thousand people. Then imagine what it’ll take to get to a million people.With a website, you can put up all your services, explain them and share your links to as many people as possible with just a few clicks from the comfort of your room. You can advertise your business to a million people without standing up from your chair.


  1. It is cheap. In Nigeria, a lot of people find it difficult to believe how easy it is to start and maintain a website. All you need is a working laptop, internet connection, a little money and your time. If you were to set up a shop, you’ll probably need to rent a shop, pay for transportation every day to the shop, print banners, and flyers, and maybe advertise on radio and so many other things. This costs a lot more than owning a website.With a website, all you have to worry about is driving traffic to your website and you’ll see your business booming.


  1. You have a wider customer target base. With a website, you could have customers from anywhere in the world. The internet has made the world a smaller marketplace where anyone can patronize. If your portfolio is good enough, you could land huge clients from far countries or continents, which translate to more reputation and money. This is a huge advantage over offline shops or stores where most of your customers are only those staying around unless you invest so much in advertisements.


  1. It improves your reputation. People take you more seriously and consider you a serious-minded entrepreneur if you have a professional website. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do. As emphasized, everyone is on the internet. People should be able to know all about your business or what you do just by visiting your website. People will take you more seriously.Think about a popular business, brand, hotel or person. Google it and notice your reaction when you can’t find any information on that product or person.

    Having a website is a must if you are a serious entrepreneur or person. A professional website is not as expensive as you thought. Not having a website is more expensive, as you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table. If you need help with getting a professional website for your business, contact me directly and we’ll help build a solid and professional website for your brand.


If you can’t afford to have a personal website now, you can still create and use Social media pages. You can also create a group on jeduNigeria and start creating an online presence.




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