Why Digital marketing is important

Why Digital marketing is important to your business in 2020

Digital Marketing is the use of digital technology or electronic media for carrying out marketing activities and promotion by using different communication channels.

Sometimes, Digital Marketing is also referred to as ‘Online Marketing’, ‘Internet Marketing’ and ‘Web Marketing’ in various countries around the world.

Instead of Advertising Bill-Boards, Televisions, radios, and street fliers, you simply advertise using digital devices like computers, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. 

If you have never imagined why digital marketing is important to your business, it’s time to think about it in 2020. 

This article is not to teach you how digital marketing is done, but to simply show you why need to start investing time and money un digital Marketing

Anyway, let’s get to the reasons why digital marketing is important to your business. 

  1. Most people are found most times on digital devices.
    If people are not at work, or in the class or something that captures their attention, they would most likely be on their digital devices.
    By January  2019, the number of Internet Users rose to 4.3 billion worldwide, which is more than half of the entire word’s population. Also, the average time spent by each user was 6 hours 42 minutes.

    Source: The next web

    It’s almost certain that your customers or clients are there on the internet, and you just have to reach them via a good strategy.

  2. Digital Marketing is Cheap and Affordable.

    It costs a whole lot of money to advertise for just a few seconds in Radios and TVs. Roadside Bill-Boards cost an awful lot of money to erect. Advertising in popular newspapers also costs a lot for a single page or a column.

    This is unlike Digital Marketing where you can get started with as low as $10. Yes, you can run a Facebook ad with less than $10.

    I once ran an ad with about $3 and saw positive results.

    With the three dollars, I was able to target exactly those who might be interested and got a few clients. This is the power of Digital Marketing.

    You can determine and set how much you want to spend. Everything depends on you. This is a major reason why digital marketing is important to your business

  3. Digital marketing helps you target your real and ideal customers.

    Let’s say you are a new baby accessory company and need to run ads to sell your product.

    You can simply run TV ads or radio jingles, but this means all age groups are going to see the ad.

    The downside is, you will be paying more to show your ads to those who don’t need the product. It’s better to show the ads to women between the age of 25 to 35 years of age because those are likely to be nursing mothers.

    In traditional marketing, There is no way to selectively choose who to serve your ads to, and therefore, waste more money showing your ads to an irrelevant audience. This is why digital marketing is important.

    With Digital Marketing, you can select the exact age group and gender you want to serve your ads to. You can choose to serve ads based on their interests, location, educational background, and so many other factors. 
  1. Digital Marketing helps you measure and track and measure your advertisement performance.

    When you set a radio advertising campaign, you most times have no idea of who heard them.

    How many people saw or heard about the advertisement? What was their initial reaction? How many men or women saw it? Which one was more interested?

    There is no real way to set or measure all these very important details with traditional marketing.

    You can know exactly how your ads are performing with Digital marketing. Which ad is performing? Why is it performing? Who took any actions?

    This control and measurability makes Digital marketing stand out and appealing to any form of business and this is why digital marketing is important to your business

  2. It is easy and fast to execute.

    You can wake up by 7 am in the morning, think about any kind of product, prepare a campaign and run it by 10 am right on your bed.

    Although it takes adequate preparation and strategy to make compelling ads that sell, it is extremely easy and fast to get your ads running.

    I once had an idea and set up and ran an ad campaign all within a day.

    This is why digital marketing is important to your business.

  3. Communication and engagement with Ideal Customers.

    More people are inquisitive about what they are about to buy, and they want to hear the information from the horse’s mouth.

    With traditional marketing, it is difficult to have real-time conversations with prospective clients. They most times can’t even ask questions pertaining to the product you are trying to sell, and you can’t provide more compelling and useful information when they need it the most.

    With a digital campaign, they can comment, ask questions, instantly message and have pre-sale chats. This makes it possible to convert them into buyers immediately, even if they do not buy, you can keep reminding them, or updating them with the latest improvement about your products or company in general.

  4. You can create master contents that bring in sales itself.

    Thanks to Social Media and search engines, content can be seen by almost anybody and you don’t even have to pay for it. This implies that if your content is good enough, there is a possibility that it can reach thousands and even millions of people without paying a single dollar.

    Search engines also rank and show blog posts to searchers free of charge. Once you have good content and obey importantly SEO rules, you have a good chance of ranking and receiving consistent organic traffic to your content. 

    This by far, is one of the best features of digital marketing and why digital marketing is important to your business.

  5. You can create a community for your brand. It’s easy to create a community of people who are interested in the things you produce or sell. 

    With a community, you can interact, talk, create content, sell and make your brand a center of attraction for a whole lot of people. This increases your brand visibility, reputation, and trustworthiness as your community is going to invite more people and grow.

Ending Notes

Although digital marketing is extremely relevant and promising, it doesn’t completely erase the need for traditional marketing.
Also, digital marketing is not necessarily easy and brings results automatically. It also requires in-depth studies, hard work, consistency, and creativity.


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