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We are worried about talented Nigerians creating contents without earning. We are worried Nigerians spending so much time on the social Media and not making a dime, yet these sites owners bag away billions of dollars in revenue through ads.

We want a balance; we want full creativity, passion, entertainment and distribution of the internet wealth among users and creators.

How are we different from other social Platforms?

We are all in for Super Contents

We are inviting and promoting talented and knowledgeable Nigerians to create contents in our community. They are not here to tell you a gist about their cheating boyfriends or how their dog died the other day. They are carving out helpful and creative contents that will help you one way or the other.

Creators get the Lion Share

Huge Social Media sites, Communities, and Forums make a whopping sum of money day-in-day-out but do not share their revenues with their members. We acknowledge those(Creators/Influencers) who make the community worthy to be and share our revenues with them.

Every Member gets Rewarded

Even though Only Creators get paid in cash, you automatically earn points when you do something like view a content, like, share, post or other things. These points can then be used to purchase access to premium contents, participate in competition, exchange for gifts, and so on.
Join the league of Smart Nigerian creatives on jedun and start creating contents.


JeduNigeria is a well-thought and planned platform for all forms of Internet users in Nigeria. It doesn’t matter if you are a content creator or a regular internet user or a publisher/advertiser. This is where everyone meets and have fun.

What ever you do, as long as it’s creative, entertaining or educating, create a community and build a following.

Are you a writer, photographer, dancer, singer, IT expert, comedian, or can teach mathematics efficiently? Whatever you can do effectively and help people through it, you can do it here.

Register an account with us, create a group and start building an audience.

We have provided several ways for you to monetize your account without breaking a sweat.

Start creating

A community like no other. 

Get to read, watch, and learn from the best creators all around Nigeria. Open your soul to a new world of learning and be filled. Get to know people of like minds and enter into a realm of unlimited fun.

And the best part of it is that you also earn points for some actions you take, besides the occasional  competitions, draws, quizzes and prices.


We Carefully select great products that you may be interested in. All the products have been painstakingly reviewed to ensure that you enjoy the best for your hard-earned money. Visit our Shop Section and see the great collections of Items we got for you.

If you have goods to sell through our website too, send us a message.

online market in Nigeria

We are creating the perfect Community and avenue pro-creators and businesses in Nigeria.

Some of JeduNigeria Feature Highlights

Fun and Smart Community

We are bent building a great community where you can find different talented Nigerians sharing, teaching and discussing meaningful things. Tired of gossip and rumour communities? This is where place to be.

We encourage Creativity

At JeduNigeria, we love and celebrate creative people and Original Content Creators. We have provided a robust platform for them to shine and get their talents in front of Nigerians.

Monetize your contents

We have implemented some monetization options for creators with steady contents and followers. We are constantly thinking and looking for better ways to get more money into the pockets of creators.

Advertise your business

Get your business in front of targetted audiences and watch your business scale up in no time. We are developing a bridge to make creators sell your products for you. All you have to do is pay them some commission.


Is it free to join JeduNigeria?

It is absolutely free to join JeduNigeria and you will NEVER be required to pay any amount to be a continue being a member. All you have to do is click and register an account with us. To make it faster, you can log-in with your Facebook account. It would take less than 10seconds.

How do I get paid?

We are forming an alliance with different advertisement companies all over the world. Due to the conditions from our advertisers, you would be required to have some minimum contents and follower-ship before you can become qualified to be a JedunCreator. Once approved, you earn. Read more here

What if I am not a creator?

Only content creators who have met the requirements of being a JedunCreator can really earn money. However, regular users can earn Jeducoins for their activities. These Jeducoins are used for grading each user into levels. buy access to Premium groups, Contents, gifts, qualify for competitions and so many other things. Learn more here!

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