Welcome to Jedun

Welcome to Jedun Creator’s community.


Jedun (JeduNigeria) is an online community specifically built for Nigerian Content Creators to Post/Publish their contents. By doing this, they get more recognition and value for their contents.

Yes, you can post your contents on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Medium or even Nairaland, but you are on your own. You have to fight for your audience, you have to fight for your recognition, you have to fight for everything yourself.

No one from Facebook company cares if you post a million things or spend 24 hours a day creating them. No one from the Nairaland team is going to call you and tell you well done for your contents you’ve been creating.


Creating content is hard, and we want to appreciate those who do. This is our mission at Jedun.

If you are here to read only, then you are welcome. Visit our Blog, Groups, and Forums. Read, Listen and watch what our creators have been creating. You don’t even need to create an account.

If you are here to create contents (reasonable ones), you are welcome to the ONLY Nigerian platform that cares about content creators. This is the perfect ecosystem for you.

We constantly promote our Creators, feature their works, take an interest in their works, and share our revenues with them. That’s a great deal if you asked me.


Now that you are ready to Start Creating Contents on Jedun, how do you Start?


Our interface is quite straight forward and easy to understand. But we are aware that it could be confusing for some people.

Therefore, we go the Step-by-Step approach.


  1. Not to insult your intelligence, but the first thing is to register or create an account. Yes, everyone knows that’s how every membership site works. Just fill in your details and you are good to go. You’ll be required to confirm your details in your email box and activate. So, be sure to fill in your right email address. Or Just sign in with Facebook. That makes life easier for all of us.Click here to Register/Login

    If you didn’t sign up with Facebook, you need to login after activation. Login. Some of our users have issues logging into the site and we traced it down to the layer of security by Google verification. We, however, cannot remove it due to the fact we are fighting against bots and malware. When you enter your correct username and password and it shows “incorrect password”. Wait for a few seconds and it’ll log in automatically. However, if it doesn’t log in, delete everything and retype again and it should work fine.  Or just log in with Facebook, to make life easier for us all.

  2. Start adding friends. The more the friends you have, the better the experience on any social site. Chat with people as much as possible. That’s easy to do.
    Click here to start adding Friends
  3. Start joining groups and forums, and interact with other contents by other creators. It’s a social site and you have to act it. Joining groups and participating in forums is the best way to make yourself known and familiar.
    This is the list of groups can join.
  4. Create a group and create your contents. This is where the fun begins. Create a group, give it a great name and use it to house your contents.
    Click here to Create a group. (You have to be logged in)
  5. Post your Contents on Forums. The Forum has a more robust and flexible text editor which allows you to format and post your contents. Use that to your advantage. Use the Forum to post your forum topic, and update in your group by sharing the link to the forum topic.
    Click here to Join Forums and Create Forum Topics.

  6. Use your group to direct people to your Contents on your forums. Once you have posted in the Forum or even a blog post, always update it in your group to tell people what you’ve been up to. If you want to post on our Blog, submit your blog post here.   Note that only Top notch contents are going to be accepted. If it’s not up to standard, we are going to reject it.
  7. Once you’ve created enough Contents and had enough friends and engagements, apply for a badge of Creator.

    Apply for a badge here.

    You have to earn the creators badge before you can be called a Creator on Jedun and be entitled to whatever creators are entitled to.

  1. Invite as many as possible using your referral link on your profile. Go to your account dashboard, click on profile and you are going to see your referral link. If you are on mobile, Click on the + icon, and you’ll see the profile among the options. Your referral link looks like this https://www.jedun.com.ng/?mref=OladapoI  If your username is udofia, then your referral link is going to look like this https://www.jedun.com.ng/?mref=udofia
  2. Make sure strive to get to the top of the list. The more you use the website, talk with others, post, share like, invite people, the more points you get. Click here to see where you fall on the list

Alright, Alright we get it now. What kind of contents can creators create and what’s the catch?


I’m glad you asked.

We do not interfere or tell you what to write. Simply pick on any topic you want and start posting. As long as it’s educative or creative or entertaining, go ahead.

Tutorials, Literature, DIY posts, Career, Business, Legal, Technology, Product Review, Travel experiences and so on. Anything you feel comfortable writing about.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a written post. It could also be images, Music or Videos, However, you are not allowed to post audio and Videos directly on our website for now. Upload your music on SoundCloud or any other audio site, and your videos on Youtube or Vimeo. Copy the embed link and paste in your group or Forum.

Unfortunately, if you are the strictly religious type or avid politician, we do not take those contents to be creative. You can post them if you want, but you will never get a creator’s badge with Political and religious contents.

Also, if all you do is copy articles from other blogs or Facebook timelines, post jokes, memes, inappropriate sarcastic remarks, gossips, sexually explicit, rumors or any of those uncreative things, you are never going to be approved as a content creator.


As a Premium Creator, you can now withdraw your Jeducoins from your dashboard at the end of the week.

Once you have up to 3,000 Jeducoins, you can withdraw. (Note that: 3Jeducoins = 1 naira.) You can make far more than this in a week, if you keep posting, sharing, referring, and doing stuffs on the website.

Not only are you going to earn from the points you accrue on Jedun, you can also earn from referrals. For each referred member, you earn one-thousand Naira. Refer 10 people in a week and make up 10k in addition to the Jeducoins you’ve earned. 

As a Premium Member, you get to sell/promote your ebooks, music or any virtual product on our website.

As usual, the Top Creator for the week is going to be featured and promoted on the website.

To become a premium creator, you have to upgrade with a one time token of 1,500 naira only.

With 1,500, you could be making 10 thousand naira or more every week.

Upgrade from your profile dashboard or click this link. 

If you have any issues with Paying online, contact us using the contact link in the breadcrumb above. (07013473097)

We’ve got so much up our sleeves and things we are going to do to put smiles on our creators’ faces. We are fully committed to this. This is why you have to stop procrastinating, thinking or doubting and start creating.

Welcome to Jedun, and we care about you, your contents and your works.


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