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Social media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is simply a branch of Internet Marketing that takes place on the social media.

When we talk about Social Media, we talk about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

There are also other sites like Digg, Reddit and so on, but they are social bookmarking sites.

Why is Social Media Marketing important?

Why do we need it and is it really a thing worth mentioning?

  1. 22% of the world’s population is on Facebook.

  2. Over 2million businesses use Facebook ads to increase their sales, generating about $17billion annual revenue.

  3. More than 50 million small businesses currently use Facebook Pages to connect with their customers. Odds are, your competition is already on Facebook.

These are just a few facts about Facebook alone. On Twitter alone, millions of business are using the medium daily to connect to people and converting them into customers. Same with Instagram, LinkedIn and the rest.

It’s clear that whatever market you have, there are people on the internet that need it.

The question now is, how do you connect to them and convert them to customers?

This is the whole point of Social Media Marketing.

Note that this is different from Influencer Marketing. You should know the difference.

You see those “Facebook Celebs”, “Twitter Giants” and Instagram stars? They are not social media Marketers. They are basically Influencer Marketers and sure they have lots of engagements and followers.

Influencer Marketing is a different ball game and we won’t discuss it today.

Now, back to the topic. How do you get started?

How to become a social media Marketer.


1. Have something to sell or offer. You might not sell a product per se. You might be a professional barber who wants to get more clients on Social Media.
Just have something you want people to patronize you for.

2. Start planning your contents. Social Media got no time. People forget about you immediately you are not popping up on their face. That is why you see “celebs” every day when you open your account. They are constantly posting things. As a social media marketer, you can’t post just anything. Your contents must be geared towards your what you are offering.
Take your time and plan your contents before you start.

3. Clean up your Profile and Timeline and be professional. Make your profile your office.
This is probably the hardest thing to do, but the most important. I understand that you want to catch fun, share jokes and memes, and feel relaxed.
If you are considering social Media Marketing, that’s not possible any longer.

From your profile picture to your cover photos, must look professional. Use the best picture of you. If possible, pay a professional Photographer and get a good shot.

Stop posting and sharing irrelevant things. Let all your content tell people who you are and what you do. You have to really discipline yourself to do that.

When people see your name in their feed, what do they think of?

If you are a professional singer and you want to gain clients using social media marketing, let 40-50% of your post be something about singing.

That way, when they see your picture or your name, what they think of is “A singer”.

4. Use as many social media websites as possible. Pick the ones that work best for you. But please, don’t neglect Instagram. I started Instagram less than a week ago, and I am beginning to see how powerful it is.

Whichever platforms you choose, be active on them all.

Lastly, study the kinds of contents that do well in different sites.

Stories do well on Facebook, Business, and corporate-world posts do well on LinkedIn, Contents about Skills do well on Instagram, Twitter is the home of short but powerful punch-lines.

Tweak your contents to fit in those platforms.

5. The law of Karma exists on social media. If you are just beginning without any engagements, the first thing you should do is to engage in other people’s posts. Like their posts, comment reasonably and they would do the same to you. If a stranger likes all your posts for a week and comment on them all, I’m sure you will do the same to them too.

It happens naturally without you thinking about it.

6. Join, Participate and be active in groups. This is the secret of gaining followership in a short time, especially at the beginning.

If you join an active popular group and you post, comment and reply reasonably, people from the group will check you out. Most likely, they will send you friend requests.

This works like magic. I’ve done this several times.

Make sure you join groups that is about what you do.

7. Be human.

People are emotional beings. They respond to feelings and emotions. They want to see the human side of you. Use that to your advantage.

Don’t be completely “Business” oriented. It’s boring. That is why it’s called social media. People want to socialize with you. When you show them your human side, they socialize and bond with you.

Tell them an interesting thing that happened to you, or something that hurt you.

It does not have to be very personal. Something like, you got a new cute dog or that you forgot your ATM card at home and had to trek home.

Tell a touching story. People relate with those contents more than business.

People love stories. Tell them your story and watch them say ‘awnnn awnnn”.

The more they relate with you, the more they bond with you and the more likely to buy from you.

8. Don’t be naive about Hashtags.

Do you know that Hashtags are not used for Fancy? For Instagram and Twitter, Hashtags are your friends. For Facebook, it’s not that important.

Using the right Hashtags is important for your Instagram and Twitter growth. The hashtag is the SEO of Social Media.

How do you find and use the right hashtags?

a. What is the theme of your post? For example, I’m talking about social media marketing, so the hashtag should be #socialmediamarketing, #socialmediamarkter, #socialmediaexpert #socialmediawriter, #internetmarketer #writer and so on.

Just keep thinking something that suits what your post is all about.

b. Take a look at the statistics. As you keep typing the hashtags, you will notice the frequency of posts using the hashtags and also, a few other suggestions. This is where you need to focus.

Popular hashtags having millions of posts are not suitable, especially with little followers. Look for those with lower hashtags. 10,000 to 100,000 is okay. Anything above that, no one is going to see your post.

c. Use as many tags as possible. The more hashtags you use, the more people are going to find you through those hashtags.

d. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags. This won’t do you any good.

9. Follow the right people and learn from them. There will always be people that are totally ahead of you. Learn from them, do what they do and you’d get the results they are getting.

Copy their hashtags, like and comment on their posts, let them know you exist.

They might tag you one day and that would be the beginning of your breakthrough. You never know.

10. Always read and learn more.

People come to you when they know you know more than they do. This means you have to put extra effort into learning, for you to have and know what they don’t.

If you talk and teach about writing, an also write well, you’d be the first they’ll think if they want to recommend a writing gig.

11. If you are serious about Marketing, do paid-ads.

Creating and running paid ads is not my forte. But I can assure you, it’s the best way to get in front of your clients.

Not all those who follow you are going to see your posts in the first instance. Even if you have thousands of followers, probably 4% of them are going to see whatever you post.

I know it’s not fair, but that’s how Facebook ensure they make more money to run their business.

You are not going to see the results quickly. It’s slow, painful but progressive.

Finally, people might not comment or engage with your posts, but they are reading and watching.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the engagements influencers are getting. They are often entertainers and people definitely engage more with entertainment.

Have fun marketing yourself on the social media.



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