Blogging Niche research in Nigeria. How to pick a profitable blogging niche.

A niche is basically a segment of an industry you want to specialize in. It could be health, or sports or news, music, food, or anything else.

The first thing is to do when deciding the niche to blog is think of what you have passion for. You might not necessary be very knowledgeable about it, but you really love thinking and talking about it.

If you don’t have enough interest about the topic, you’ll get easily Burnt out.

But is that enough to jump into blogging about it?

You could have guessed that I’ll say No.

There is a right niche and there is a wrong niche. Not all niches are profitable.

There are other things you have to consider. Neglect these things at your own risk of failure.

  1. The rule of thumb is never to get into over-saturated or a niche with no demand.


Oversaturated niches are well, oversaturated as the word implies. There are too many giants up there, there to many rumbles down there trying to make way up.

Joining such a niche is pointless. All you are doing is joining the masses. You’ll get lost in the land of unknown.

Underpopulated niches have too little traffic. No matter how much you try, you are selling a market no one is willing to buy. You will eventually go out of business.

  1. Find out how many people are interested in the niche.

This is the part you have to look at some statistics.

a. Do a Google search of the keywords related to your niche. For example, if you want to blog about Afro-music or event-planning, just type that in google and look at the page numbers.

You can see various keywords with the amount of page results. Don’t choose a niche with extremely high values up to billions of page results. You won’t rank in a thousand years.

When you page result is too low, probably less than a thousand, then no one is interested in the niche.

You can also use keyword tools to find out the average monthly searches for those keywords.

Free tools include

  • Google keyword adplanner
  • SEMrush
  • https://www.wordstream.com/keywords

b. Go niche down.

“Make-up” is a broad niche, you should not blog about it. But what about “Eye Make-up in Nigeria for big eyes”? Or “Make-up for fat Nigerian women”

Now, that is more specific, and you can attract loyal readers faster and rank better with that.

c. Consider the monetization opportunities. There are many niches that do not have affiliate products nor many companies that needs their audience. There are lots of companies into beauty products, so you can always get deals and products to sell.

Think and research how “monetizable” your niche is.

Can you write a book in the niche and sell?

d. Where is your audience and how can you get them?

What kind of people are interested in your niche? Where are they? What do they like and do? How can you get them? How can you convert them?

You have to have a know the answer to these questions before you start eventually settle for a niche.


What niches are profitable in Nigeria?

Well, like I mentioned earlier, you have to do a bit of research yourself to find out. But there are some here to give you a heads up start.

According to Grace Adeosun of SMEspeaks, these are profitable niches in Nigeria.

  • Consumer goods/Fashion Gadgets
  • Entertainment
  • Blockchain technology — Bitcoins
  • Banking, Investment, Stock Market
  • AgricultureFood
  • Fashion/Accessories

You can read more about this on her Blog


According to Matt Stephen of naijahomebased, these are profitable niches in Nigeria

  1. Entertainment

  2. Make money online

  3. Fitness and Exercise

  4. Sport

  5. Tech

  6. Education

  7. Personal Finance

  8. Food

  9. Health & wellness

  10. Religion

  11. Freelancing

  12. WordPress

  13. SEO

  14. Blogger

You can read more on his blog.


According to Ifiokobong of make money online these are 20 untapped but profitable niches.

  1. Moringa Benefits (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)
  2. Latestphones (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  3. CheapLaptops (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)
  4. Kids security tips (over 20k searches every month
  5. Prayer points (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  6. Event Planning (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)
  7. Zarabasic sandals (over 30k searches every month in Nigeria)
  8. Sonik super saver bundle (Over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)
  9. Scar remover (over 25k searched every month in Nigeria)
  10. Table Manners (over 30k searched every month in Nigeria)
  11. SheaButter (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  12. Newbaby list (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  13. Sugar mummy (over 100k searches every month in Nigeria)
  14. Cheapflight tickets (over 100k searches every month in Nigeria)
  15. Cheap hotels (over 200k searched in Nigeria)
  16. Nigeria Events (over 30k searches every month in Nigeria)
  17. Baby carrier (over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)
  18. Penis enlargement (over 20k searched every month in Nigeria)
  19. Herbal Remedies (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)
  20. Scientific Calculator (over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)


Now, it’s up to you

Do your research well, and pick your niche wisely.



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