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Good news to our Content Creators. There is a new update that benefits everyone. You can now earn as withdraw your points, regardless of your position. Everyone can now earn as long as you are a Premium member.

For the past one week, only the top creator had the opportunity of earning at all. We received quite a number of complaints, claiming not only the top creators should earn, but every creator on the website.

We’ve devised a fix to that and that is the Premium Membership.

As a Premium Creator, you can now withdraw your Jeducoins from your dashboard at the end of the week.

Once you have up to 3,000 Jeducoins, you can withdraw. (Note that: 3Jeducoins = 1 naira) You can make far more than this in a week, if you keep posting, sharing, referring, and doing stuffs on the website.

Not only are you going to earn from the points you accrue on Jedun, you can also earn from referrals. For each referred member, you earn one-thousand Naira. Refer 10 people in a week and make up 10k in addition to the Jeducoins you’ve earned.

As a Premium Member, you get to sell/promote your ebooks, music or any virtual product on our website.

As usual, the Top Creator for the week is going to be featured and promoted on the website.


To become a premium creator, you have to upgrade with a one time token of 1,500 naira only.

With 1,500, you could be making 10 thousand naira or more everyweek.

As a Premium Creator, you get another dashboard where you can see how much you have earned in Naira.

Our rules about contents allowed still remains. To understand the jedun concept better, visit this link.


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