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    The “one Person” you cannot underestimate.

    Generally, you should not look down on anyone because you have no idea how events can turn around in the future.

    But there is someone you should not only underestimate, but be “afraid” of.

    It’s that person who never gives up.

    It’s that person who has failed severally, yet still tries hard to succeed in the next attempt.

    Yes, he might be doing the wrong thing, focusing on the the wrong thing, running on a wrong track, and not hitting the right spot.

    But since he never gives up, one day, an event is going to happen that’ll make him “mistakenly” hit the right spot.

    He’ll eventually meet the right person/mentor, he’ll eventually come across the right information that’ll take him to the a new level.

    And when that happens, he becomes unstoppable.
    He quickly reaps the reward of the many past unfruitful endeavors, and it appears as if he became an overnight success.

    Be that “one person” who never stops aiming at his goals, even if you’ve had lots of failures. One of your attempts is going to break though eventually.

    There are many roads to a destination. If one blocks, take another. Either way, don’t stop.

    These are the words or Martin Luther King Jr,


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