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    Hello house. welcome to the new members.

    I want this group to be as interactive as possible so everyone here has the chance to ask questions and get answers.

    Nigerians, especially the youths and men have passion for sports, especially football which is the most popular sport in Nigeria and even the world at large. For this reason, I’ve written a quick guide on how you can start your own football viewing center in Nigeria and earn a significant amount of income. The link is https://www.jedun.com.ng/how-to-set-up-a-football-viewing-center-business-in-nigeria/

    I know capital is a major factor that kills dreams or stops many young men and women with great ideas from executing them. To this effect, I’ve written an article on all you need to know about Crowdfunding, a great source you can get capital to make that your dream turn into a reality. I will share the link on this group as soon as the article is approved.

    Don’t forget to ask questions when and where you are confused. Cheers

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