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    Presentation for today 10 easy ways to make money online and offline
    1.start a health fast food delivery service:to start this kind of service you need to get a means of transporting your service to the people interested in the service .
    2.start online digital product selling business:this require little or less income to start.
    3.start a recruitment business.
    4.start a marketing consultantancy business:in this type of business,people who wants to know more about how to market their business come to you for interview and you clean charge them for your service.
    5.start a coffee shop:ad we all know that people who leave home early with little or no food and will like to get fast drink or food with which pays you.
    6.antique and designed furniture business.
    7.start a car cleaning service.
    8.start a diet food restaurant
    9.start a online and offline handyman services.
    10.start a biscuit and sweet business.

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