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    Tolerance simply means ability to accept habits, feelings and beliefs that’s different from yours.
    With tolerance unnecessary fight and misunderstanding can be avoided.

    It’s impossible to be in good terms with others when you’re neither tolerated by them nor in tolerance with them. It is hard for any person to relate well in Church, at work or in any organization without tolerance.

    Tolerance is the key to understanding, and understanding is the key that keeps relationship going. Or even the substance that glue husband and wife together.
    Tolerance isn’t an occasional thing but must be continuous.

    Does that mean we should tolerate all things?
    Personally, I can tolerate all things, but stealing No!
    I hate and can never tolerate sexual assaults.
    If you abuse me or you mistakenly step on my feet….I’ll tolerate and never retaliate.

    If you hate my personality, I won’t take it personal but rather move on with life. ‘Cos you are a distraction.

    Above all never tolerate devil..but rebuke

    We’ll never be friends
    Until we begin to tolerate one another
    Without any iota of retaliation.

    ©odunayoSam ’16.

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