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    You visit a website, you come back to Facebook, and boom, you see ads from the site. You wonder how Facebook knew you visited the site.

    Do you think Facebook is spying on you?

    That was what I used to think, but no, that’s not Facebook spying on you. It’s a retargeting strategy by the site owners.

    I’m not saying Facebook doesn’t. Who knows what those guys are capable of.

    But the scenario above is simply called Facebook pixel.

    Advertisers place codes on their website and when you view the page, the code sticks to you and follows you back to Facebook where they can re-target you again.

    Retargeting is where the magic happens. People buy after seeing a product ad for about 6-7 times, if they were interested at the first place.

    Most products I bought on Facebook didn’t happen when I saw the ad at first, but after seeing it several times.

    I’m not an expert in Facebook ads. I am still learning, and recently bought a course just to learn more.

    But I can get you started with it, which is going to be important to you as a digital Marketer.

    Knowing how to run Facebook ads is one of the basic requirements of digital marketing. You can’t reach more customers if you do not advertise, and where else can you reach your customers the most if not Facebook or Instagram?

    In the digital marketing class starting soon, I am going to introduce you to Facebook ads.

    You don’t want to miss it.

    Join this group for a complete digital marketing training.


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