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    If you write well on Facebook, you would have heard something like “Why not start a blog?”.

    This statement is usually said by those who know nothing about a blog.

    It is a bad idea to jump into blogging without knowing the cost.

    Creating a blog is the easiest part. Writing contents on the blog is also easy.

    But do you know what is not easy? Getting people to read your blog posts.

    On Facebook, you can add 5000 friends and whenever you post something, you are guaranteed at least a hundred people will see it.

    On your personal blog, you are the only one guaranteed to read it, unless you share the link on social media.

    The other worse thing is, even if you share on social media, people do not usually click on such links, unless it’s very compelling.

    Even those who told you to start the blog won’t click the link.

    Now, that is the bitter truth.

    But having a blog is one of the best and rewarding things ever.

    With my blog, I have received calls from different parts of the country demanding my services. I have received emails from different countries and organizations.

    But before the gain, comes the pain.

    Recently, I do not even share my links on social media, yet I get people visiting my blog every day.

    That’s the power of SEO.

    Without SEO, your blog is probably grave yard with sympathizers visiting once a year.

    I am going to share with you my experiences with SEO. What I did wrong at first, and what I did right after almost two years of not getting it right.

    I’ll be teaching from scratch everything you need to know about SEO and and you can start getting results in no time.

    This is one of the modules in my digital marketing class. There are many things you need to know.

    Join the group for more information about the up coming digital marketing class.

    The class is starting in very soon. There are so many things to be taught. Don’t miss the oppurtunity.

    Register on time and upgrade your account with only 1,500 naira to get access to the group.

    Click this link https://www.jedun.com.ng/groups/paid-digital-marketing-training/

    See you there.

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