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    Do you find it hard to achieve your dreams, even with all the things embedded in you, and the opportunities you have in life? I know it’s hard.

    Do you have a place to call home? Do you have a bed to lay your head Do you have food to eat in the next hour? Have you been given opportunity to have a quality education.

    These things look basic and normal, maybe because you live among elites or “middle class men”.

    But do you really know how costly these things are? Try visit an impoverished society.

    No, don’t go to far. Take a look at the road side.

    You see that little girl running after you, begging for money? You see that little boy strapped with his raggedy mother, sitting by the dump ground, under the scotching sun?

    That could have been you.

    Let’s flip the coin.

    Go to some residential areas in Lagos, or Abuja. Just take a walk and behold the magnificence and grandeur.

    Look at those who you are far older than living in luxury of their parents.

    Those kids have more wealth than your extended family put together.

    These are situations life put us in. No one asked for it.

    You did nothing to deserve to be born poor, middle-class or wealthy. You just found yourself there.

    You did nothing to be in a peaceful home with parents loving themselves and caring for you till you come of age and even beyond. You did nothing to deserve all these things.

    It’s not okay to look down on people because you found yourself at the top of the ladder, especially if all you live on is your parents wealth or influence.

    It could have easily been you born of a beggar, raped by a hoodlum, and scavenging on the dumps.

    It could have been you, born of a troubled family with no shred of love, care and affection.

    It could have been you born into that family and situation you so much detest.

    And when you see them, do not look down on them, even if you can’t help them.

    And do not take for granted, those who work so hard to give you the life you enjoy now.

    Work hard too, to ensure the generations yet to come can have a good life and appreciate you.

    Good morning and have an effective day.

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