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Internet Marketing is simply having a market on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product, services or yourself. As long as there is something to offer and there are people on the internet that could patronize, there you have internet marketing.

The deal is, anywhere people are gathered, shops are present. People would always need something, every time. And there is always someone selling those things.

People are on the Internet, both young and old. Literally, everyone is online.

Just like in the real world, people don’t live everywhere. People live in clustered locations, and that’s where all the shopping malls and big markets are. Same with the internet.

Where do people live and go on the internet? Actually, we have two important places.

  1. Social Media. People catch fun and connect. It’s like your community.
  2. Google. People search for any kind of things. That’s your business world.

These are where people are, these are where people live and these are where everything goes by.

If you are reading this, you either got here through social media or google. You didn’t just open up your browser and typed this URL.

If you are interested in Internet marketing, you need to set whatever you plan to sell or offer and park your shop in either or both of these places.

Before you go ahead, be sure to get these things ready.

  1. What do you want to sell?
  2. How and where do you build your shop?
  3. How do you sell?

Internet Marketing is Split into two:

  • Native Internet Marketing: This is the old way of marketing. It’s cold and direct. You see ads flying up and down your face from companies you have never heard or know about. They want to sell to you. That was probably great before the advent of social media.|
  • Content Marketing. This is a new way of marketing that really counts. Companies, brands, and individuals give out valuable content, interact with you and earn your trust. You have no other option to buy from them when you need something they sell because you already trust them.

This is the present and future of Internet Marketing.


People spend most of their time on the internet either learning something or catching fun.

Give them what to read and throw the fun they love catching. They would also catch your product without thinking about it.

How does that work?

Let’s say Bodman knows a lot about phones and laptops. You have read several posts and videos from him about phones, laptops, and their accessories. You know what he knows a lot about it.

When you want to buy a new laptop and want someone to direct you, who do you think of? I’m sure it’s Bodman.

You send Bodman a message and he advises you. He says he sells laptops and has the one you need. You buy it from him because you trust him.

You really like the laptop he sold to you, and you tell all your friends about him. Then your friend buys from him and they tell their friends and families too.

That is how content Marketing works.

Worst-case Scenario, you don’t have products to sell, neither do you have any skills to offer. Is Internet Marketing for you too?


What does Linda Ikeji sell? And what services does she render?

Still thinking…….

Well, Internet Marketing is not necessarily to earn money. You can earn recognition and authority, which is going to pave ways for you.

But I need money!

Well, this is where the fun is. You don’t need to have any skills (Unless if reading is a skill, then you must have reading skills) nor sell any product of yours. There are other ways to earn money.

But wait!

This is not the time to talk about money. We’ll talk about it, but not now. It’s a topic of its own entirely.

You can, however, read my extensive series of post on Blogging here.

How do I start?

I believe you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. If you don’t do so right away. You can create a business page on Facebook.

Build a website. Without a website, you are completely shutting yourself out of the Google market and well, losing out a lot.

If you can’t at the moment, just start with social media for now.

Start Creating contents that have to do with what you are selling or the service you are providing. Your contents have to be either educating or entertaining. These are the kinds of contents people consume the most.

Share them on all your social media accounts.

Promote your content everywhere possible. (Do not spam). This is probably the most important part. What you share on your social media profiles can only be seen by your friends and those who follow you. That is very limiting. You have to expand your reach the more.

On Facebook, share your posts in popular groups. On Twitter, use the right Hashtags, participate in popular Forums and communities where there are actively present. Make sure your posts reach as many people as possible.


The internet is overwhelming with information about what to do and what not to do. You can’t do them all at the same time. Don’t rush it. Start with something simple like creating social media accounts and posting one or two things.

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing, and have fun.


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