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Why Internet Marketing in Nigeria is difficult.

To be completely honest, Internet Marketing in Nigeria is difficult. It’s not that it’s easy in other countries, but it’s much difficult in Nigeria. This is not to discourage you, but to make your mind prepared for the challenges ahead.

99.999% of the internet marketers you see flashing screenshots of their illusive earning are terribly and pathetically broke.

Does this send a shock down your spines? Well, I was terrified when I first saw it too in a post by Promise Excel, a Nigerian Blogger.

I recently came about this blog post about internet marketers in Nigeria being terribly broke and not as rich as their white counterparts.

He gave some valid points which I took time to read.  In the end, I agreed with most of his points and they were also what I had observed. However, there are other angles he didn’t touch.

Foreign Internet marketers like the great affiliate Marketer, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income,  Neil Patel of Neil Patel.com and co-founder of kissmetric, Harsh Agrawal (Indian) who makes over $280K (over 100 million naira) per year only on Shout me loud, John Chow who is an internet millionaire, Syed Balkhi of WpBegginers, Jeff Bulas, Brain Dean of Backlinko,  Darren Rowse of Problogger.com and so on, make staggering amount of money each month. Even the “smaller guys” still make far more money than “big guys” here.

Nigerian Internet Marketers can hardly boast of a quarter of a quarter of that in a year. The sad truth is, there are lots of factors that work against Nigerian Internet Marketers and it’s almost certain that the gap can’t be closed.

Don’t get it twisted; even in Nigeria Internet Marketing has taken over. Huge businesses are massively dominating the internet Market; small businesses are putting their best to get their own slice of the cake. The same way businesses are being conducted massively in the streets, malls, Local Markets and everywhere, each day, businesses compete online too. If your business is not online already, you don’t know what you are missing.

Before I tell you why it’s much difficult to earn and be successful as much as white internet folks, these are some obvious facts that can’t be denied about them.

  1. They create Breath-taking Value. I wouldn’t take you seriously if you really want to succeed in internet marketing and you are not already following these guys. It doesn’t matter what you are doing and what your internet business is all about, these guys are the pedestals of internet marketing. As long as you are using the internet for your business, you need to know how to maintain your website, get traffic and convert the traffic to customers. They are the huge Internet Marketers who train people to be Internet Marketers. Take a look at the value they create and you’ll be marveled. It’s like they dig out a huge mass of problem and smash it tiny pieces for you. Each blog-post or content they publish is extremely valuable, well researched, problem-solving, doubt-eliminating and complete. I wonder how long it takes them to create those contents. Such a great effort and time they invest in their works and no wonder they get massive results.
  2. They target a Global Audience: It does not matter where you are. As long as you can speak read and understand English, their contents absolutely work for you if utilized. It’s not compulsory you target a global audience before you make it big but there is no doubt that there’s more money and influence when you target and dominate a larger audience.
  3. They are Well-Packaged. Take a look at their websites, images, videos, info-graphics, and designs and you’ll love them at first site. They either spend enough time creating these professional websites or graphics (which I doubt) or spend a lot of money hiring people to do them. Either way, their websites are very beautiful, stunning layouts with graphics, clean videos with high resolution and great audio quality. You can’t be a professional in everything. Even if you are, you can’t do everything effectively at the same time. It could take up to 15 hours of reading, researching and writing to create a single content. You can’t do that and still want to code or maintain your website, spend hours in photoshop designing graphics, editing your videos with editing software, maintain your social media accounts responding to comments and emails, and so on.They hire and spend good money to make sure everything about them is perfect.
  4. They are Professionals. They are not just some random guys that claim to know. They really know what they are doing. They have spent a lot of time and money, learning the trade. They are extremely competent and can deliver. No wonder everybody trusts them and whenever they recommend something, people take them. Syed Balki, the owner of wpBeginner is a Master WordPress Developer. I use one of his plugins (wpForm) and I can testify that he is really good at what he does. Each time I need something done on my WordPress website, I check through his blog and see if he has written about it. He has tons of WordPress solutions in his palms and I have spent hours, reading his blog posts.Have you seen foreign graphic design bloggers? Look at graphics they create and you’ll be held spell-bound on their blogs. If you are a graphic designer, you just stay glued to their blogs forever.
  5. They are hardworking and consistent. They have started for several years they still consistently bring out contents that are fresh, insightful and mind-blowing. They talk about everything that needs to be known in their field. There is never a time they lacked something to give out and when they give out, simply expect a miracle. They are always on their feet, researching, creating testing, learning and doing.
  6. Healthy competition among Internet Marketers. No matter how good a person or a product is, another person is trying to be better or create something better, make like easier, make the price more affordable, make an entirely new concept that trashes the status-quo, trying to out-rank by putting more effort. This explains why there are hundreds of outstanding competition that’ll make end users confused. With this kind of healthy competition, no one wants to relent and go into oblivion. Everyone is creating more, giving out better contents and staying on top of their games.


It’s easier to complain about the fact that many Nigerian Internet Marketers don’t earn like their foreign counterparts, but it’s shouldn’t be too difficult to accept the fact many foreign internet marketers put their all into it and excel at what they do. Nigerians can hardly do what they do.

That said;

Let’s assume a Nigerian Internet Marketer does exactly what a foreign marketer does. He puts all the effort, he is professional, he gives value, and he is well packaged and so on. The fact is, he will still never be able to match up with an America or Europe based internet marketer.


  1. The internet is Racist. (Just kidding)I don’t really know how well to define this, but the Internet looks racist to me even though, technically, it’s not so. It’s more of domination.

    For instance, the universal currency is the dollar. Most (almost all) payments are made in dollars. It’s quite an invention to be able to pay online in dollars from Master cards and all, but to receive dollars is not as easy as that. In Nigeria, a domiciliary account is needed to receive the dollar currency which is quite costly. Most banks require $50 to $100 minimum to activate a domiciliary account. And sometimes, it’s a pain in the butt to successfully open one.

    Another fact is that most online companies receive and pay in dollars through Paypal. I guess this is because Paypal is secure and reliable. But Paypal is not accepted in some countries which make the citizens unable to make any transaction from such companies.

    This is because many companies are springing up and are dominating the cyberspace and they all tend to be in the U.S or Canada. That is why everything tends to suit the American audience best.

  2. Nigeria as a nation is on many Companies’ blacklists. One of the best ways to earn as an Internet marketer is through Affiliate Marketing. Several Affiliate Marketing programs pay their affiliates through Paypal. Without a Paypal account, it’s impossible to register. Unfortunately, Nigerians have been banned from owning a Paypal account that can receive money. Also, a huge affiliate site like Clickbank blacklisted Nigeria. That means as a Nigerian, you are legally not allowed to own a Click bank account. I have searched for many huge paying affiliate products and I couldn’t register for them. This is a huge drag back for Nigerians.
  3. Internet Market in Nigeria is loose and undeveloped. Even though millions of Nigerians are on the internet but the larger percentage of Nigerian audience take the internet as somewhere to have fun. Most Nigerians spend more time on social media, instant messaging apps and gossip forums just to talk, laugh and gossip. They are not there for business or take any business online seriously. It’s quite much difficult these kinds of people to patronize your products no matter how they are great.
  4. Nigerians do not want to spend at all. The Nigerian Audience never wants to spend. Even if they are ready for business, they want everything for free. If not for free, they want it at a giveaway price, no matter valuable it is and how much it took to produce it, especially in the Information Market. Only a few people buy books. They rather opt out for free Blog posts information and free youtube videos, Free Music downloads Free Seminars and so on. The US audiences are often more willing buyers. They value great products and don’t mind paying for it.
  • For instance, go on Fiverr or Freelancer and see the volume of white people hiring Freelancers. I worked on Fiverr and 100% of those who hire me for their projects were whites. They pay well and I also put all my efforts into their projects. They rather pay for a good product or professional service than look for free but poor and low-quality services.
  • Take a look at Amazon and check how many Nigerians patronize them.
    Nigerians have the habit of not wanting to pay for products, but rather get them free, no matter the value. That’s why it’s much difficult to make more money with a Nigerian audience.
  1. Our Reputation is working against us. We hardly trust ourselves and it’s because many Nigerians are hard to trust. Once bitten, twice shy. Many Nigerians have been bitten severally by fellow Nigerians and would never try again. Several dubious Nigerian Internet Marketers promise heaven on earth only to deliver trashy packages. I have once bought an eBook that promised a lot of things, knowledge and found out it was just an empty book with pages filled with basic knowledge and a few pieces of stuff. It wasn’t worth what I paid for. If Nigerians don’t trust Nigerian products, how do Americans or Europeans, or Asians to trust our products enough to buy them?

The Great Solution!

Even though there is hardly anything that can be done about some challenges such as; Paypal placing a restriction on Nigerians, or Clickbank disallowing Nigerians from opening an account, or Nigerians being reluctant buyers, there are some things Nigerian Internet Marketers can do to help themselves.

  1. Internet Marketers in Nigeria have to be more hardworking and excellent.
    I named a few foreign Internet Marketers that are doing so great and for those who already know them, these guys are hardworking and excellent. Nigerians have to do more, studying, working, thinking and crafting out valuable contents consistently. Many Nigerian Internet Marketers (Bloggers) are not worthy to be called Marketers. They should be called content lifters, for they lift contents from any blog and paste it on their Blogs.Many are also very lazy and barely have time to create meaningful contents that are evergreen. It’s not about the number of posts but the quality of each post. It’s better writing one valuable post in a week than writing ten wishy-washy posts that are not worthy to be read.
  2. Internet Marketers should learn more about Internet Marketing. The truth is, no matter how hardworking and brilliant you are, without a good marketing strategy, you won’t sell anything. This is because there is a science of selling and it works on everyone. If you do not know how to position and sell, even those who are not as good as you will get all the money and you’ll be there, complaining. There are so many strategies in building an online business and Internet Marketers should learn them and sharpen their skills. There are seminars, Webinars, books, Videos, Online classes and many other avenues to learn.
  3. Internet Marketers should be Patient and grow. Internet business is not a quick-rich-scheme. A lot of young people are rushing into Blogging because they think they are going to see a lot of cash without stress. This is not true. It takes a lot of time and hard work before you can start earning. Once you master the game and start earning, you are unstoppable. But, if you are only interested in the money and not creating value, don’t bother wasting your time.
  4. Create good products. This can’t be over-emphasized. Creating valuable products is one of the ways to become an authority and earn. The reasons why we love (Prefer) foreign products is because we feel they are better than ours. This is not a hypothesis. Most times, it’s true. This is because of the time, effort and resources they have used in creating those products. Nigerians should learn from them and also invest a lot of time, effort and resources into creating outstanding products. These products could be eBooks, Video courses, Online courses, training or anything. They should be rich enough that people can refer their friends.
  5. Find out what people need. Don’t get it twisted, there are few people who are really making it big. The best way to sell is to provide solutions to people’s and dangle it on their face. You would be surprised someone who is selling a mediocre product having tons of sales because that is what the people need. People do not care if you have a great and perfect product or idea, they just need a solution to their problems. Create products around what people need solutions to.
  6. Target a Wider Audience. The Nigerian Audience is most times, stingy. No thanks to the economy and everyone is either careful of spending or don’t even have enough to spend. Either way, the global audience is still open for everyone. Syed and Harsh are both Indians and they dominate a global audience too. To target a wider audience, the theme of the website and the contents must suit a global audience. This is no big-brainer. Intensive research and hard work is the key.

Do you think Internet Marketing in Nigeria is also difficult or do you have an opposing thought?

Let me know your thoughts.



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