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Facts about Internet Marketing in Nigeria: The good and the Bad.

Internet Marketing is a broad term or industry and can be divided broadly into Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Pay per Click advertisement (PPC), Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Video Marketing.

In Nigeria, a lot of people hear Internet Marketing and what they think of is “Oh, You mean blogging? No, I not interested in being a Blogger.” That is, of course, a very shallow perspective of Internet Marketing. No thanks to the bandwagon of pseudo-bloggers self-proclaiming as internet marketers when all they do is steal posts from different sources, put them on their blogs and populate the social media with their stolen contents.

Internet Marketing is a serious business for serious People and brands. Most international, local, huge, small, medium, established and start-up Companies now make judicious use of internet marketing to boost the sales and growth-hack their business. Take a look at most business sectors and see how they make use of the internet.

It doesn’t stop there: several individuals also have used and are using internet marketing as a huge source of lively-hood. In Nigeria, thousands of youths now use the power of social media and content marketing to drive massive traffic and sales.

Life Example.

Last year, I wanted to register for Unilag’s Post Graduate studies. I was far away from Lagos, so the only way I could stay abreast of all information was through the internet. I needed to know when the forms would be out, how much it would cost, past questions and so many other things. I Googled and came across a guy named Daniel a.k.a Unliag Google. He sounded like he knew what he was doing. He sounded like he knew everything about Unilag Post Graduate programs. I was very convinced and I had to subscribe to his newsletter.

Consistently, he would send emails to me telling me the latest things about registration, forms, how to pay, what to do and several other things. In fact, I was so relaxed and confident about what was going on even though I was far away.

He then began to send emails, advising us to prepare well, buy and sole past questions and also registering for his online tutorial. We were to pay 6,000 naira for both. There was no way I could resist paying the money. In fact, I emailed him, called him, sent him a text, sent him a WhatsApp message just to pay him the 6,000 naira. I was the one begging him to give him money.

The truth was he also had thousands of people rushing to pay him for the past questions and online class.

At the end of the Exams, he gave a report to have made about 5 million naira each month for about 3-4 months before the exams.

That is the Power of Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. He utilized these 3 powerful Internet Marketing weapons to make himself a great deal of money.

I have met with internet Marketers in Nigeria who make whopping sums of money from their websites and they are not even popular at all. I can only imagine how much the popular ones make.

That is how powerful Internet Marketing is. Never underestimate it, rather, use it for your own gain and profit.

But, it’s easier said than done. There are some very hard facts about Internet Marketing that you need to know. Many people do want to tell you these facts because they are only interested in your money. They show you how much they have made, tell you they made it in only one week and release a book that explains how you can do the same. They sell at a price and you will also buy because it promises quick and huge returns.

They are only deceiving you. It’s never as easy as people say it. In fact, nothing is as easy it looks. Internet Marketing is hard especially at the beginning.


The hard/sad facts about Internet Marketing

  1. It’s never as easy as it looks. The majority of people that start down the enticing road of Internet marketing give up soon after their first shot. Probably a blogger told you he is making $100 a month from AdSense only. You estimate it to be 40,000 naira which is a reasonable amount of money for an average Nigerian. You then rush to create a blog and plaster adsense all over your blog. Don’t be surprised after one year and you have not made more than $2 only. It requires a lot of effort for a while before you can start seeing results. Internet marketing may first appear as easy ways to make money, but people soon realize that the web is not an easily tapped goldmine.
  2. Success is gradual. You can’t expect to start today and see results tomorrow, or next week, or next month. You will need a lot of patience Building a successful internet marketing strategy takes a lot of time. You have to slowly and consistently build your empire. Although, based on several factors, different people breakthrough at different timings. Some, in few months, some in few years, some after several years. Others just quit after a while because they are not seeing results as they thought it would be. Internet marketing requires commitment and hard work and can quickly become overwhelming.
  3. You have to do a lot of testing. Although there are basic steps you should (must) follow as an internet marketer, most times, there are so many things that won’t work out. You have to do a lot of experiments to know which one works out and which one gives better results, which one to improve on, and which one to dismiss.
  4. Without Value, you can’t make it. You have to keep adding value consistently. All Internet Marketing techniques hinge on value. People respond to value. People are interested in how you can solve their problems or make their lives easier. If you are not solving their problems, you are of no use to them. You must either have ideas, information, products or services that can solve their problems or learn from or make their lives easier.
  5. You must be ready to work very hard. Creating quality contents is no joke. Contents that stand out are not easy to come by. Getting traffic is not easy to come by. Being consistent is hard. None of these things that make you a great successful internet marketer is easy. That is the price you have to pay.
  6. You must spend more time Learning. Internet Marketing is a constantly evolving system. You have to stay abreast of information, techniques, and methods to succeed. You must read more from experts and learn their ways. There is no better way to grow than learning from those who have grown.
  7. You have to spend money. Don’t get it twisted, you have to spend money. Internet marketing is much cost effective, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t spend. Getting a good website, or an e-commerce site costs money. There are products, services, soft wares, and books you’ll need to make your marketing more successful. These things cost money to produce. Companies spend millions of dollars to create what we use today on the internet. They can’t give these things out for free. E.g. Google and Facebook spend huge millions to maintain their websites. To get the best out of them, you have to pay.
  8. Without traffic, you are finished. This is the scariest part of internet marketing. Getting traffic organically or paid from Google or from social media is the life-wire of internet marketing. Getting traffic is not automatic. You have to work for it. You have to employ several strategies to get traffic to your website.

Good News!

Don’t be intimidated at all. Nothing in life is easy. Success never comes in life without a price.

It’s difficult in the beginning, but in the end, it’s very rewarding.



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