How to make money as a student in Nigeria without losing academic Focus

How to make money as a student in Nigeria and still perform excellently academically is not an easy question to answer.

Let’s face it: Your academic workload is much, you have extra-curricula activities you are involved in, and you have a social life to attend to. You barely have any time for yourself, talkless of thinking about work.

And why do you need to make money as a student in Nigeria when you have parents who send you stipends every month for upkeep?

Well, unless you have super-wealthy parents, you are never going to get enough. You are only going to get enough so you won’t beg for food and other needs. But you will always need more than they give you, and so, you have to think of making more on your own. 

Also, most students WILL NOT have jobs immediately they get out of school, and if you don’t want to be idle for the next few months or even years after your graduation, it’s better you have a system already in place that gives you money. 

Either way you think of it, making money as a student in Nigeria is a WIN-WIN. 

Working and making money as a student in Nigeria without losing academic focus is a bit tricky, and these are the things you want to watch out for. 

Why you need to make money as a student in Nigeria.

  • TIME. Whatever you do, it should not occupy too much time for each operation. It should be something that shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours a day. Once it takes too much time, you can easily lose focus on your academics, which you don’t want to happen.
  •  FLEXIBILITY:  The more flexible the work is, the better. It should be something you can do at any time you want or any time you are available.
  • LOW OR NO CAPITAL: I am assuming a student who is about to make money has little or no capital. Therefore, he/she should be start with very little to no cost at all.

  • VIABILITY:  If you are looking for a long term commitment, you should ensure your business can exist outside of the school environment. If you graduate, can the business still survive outside the walls of a school?

5 Easy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria 

  1. Learn a valuable skill and FREELANCE. In a school environment, there are several organizations, associations, clubs, individuals who need skilled people to do stuff for them.  Obvious skills include Graphic Design, Writing, PowerPoint Design, Data Analysis using SPSS and Excel,  Website Design, Video Animation and Editing, Event Planning, decoration, baking, cooking, Drawing, Phone and Laptop Repairs, Barbing, hair Making, and Public Speaking,  just to name a few.

    Any of these skills can be learned if you put time into it and practice. I personally know of students who made hundreds of thousands from these and still had good results.
  2. Be a Middleman. In my own experience, I have worked for clients who were just middlemen, and they made money off my work. They knew people who wanted works to be done, and they took those jobs and handed them over to me.  They made money probably more than I did because I had no idea how much they charged the client.

    This is more common than you think, and that is the more reason why you should start thinking about that direction

    For example, you know a lot of people who need a service, and you know someone who can do it. Take the jobs, and supply it to those who can do them at a lower price than you collected, and you can make your profits with ease.

    Start looking for opportunities like this.

  3. Home Lessons:  It is not uncommon to find Students providing home lessons for primary or secondary school students living near the campus. I personally know of students who teach 4 hours a week and earn 40 to 50 thousand Naira a month.

    Although, such opportunities mostly come as a result of connection or referral because most parents won’t allow strangers to teach their children.

    But it’s a huge possibility, and there are many students making a living just by providing home lessons to a few families.

    If you have never thought about this, or haven’t given it serious consideration, it’s high time you start working towards it.

    Still looking for how to make money as a student in Nigeria ? You just got a great idea.

  4. Sell a product or a skill. This may be the most obvious, but there is no other way to make money than to sell something.

    If you are able to determine what the students need and know how to get those things and market,  you are bound to make more money as a student in Nigeria.

    Selling is not limited to products, but also skills. You can organize to train people on the skills you already have.

    You have to be witty and calculative, so you won’t run at a loss while engaging in buying and selling.

    Still looking for how to make money as a student in Nigeria ? This is a smart an easy one.

  5. Think about Making Money Online. There are many opportunities online to make money as a student in Nigeria. There is another detailed post about making money online as a Student in Nigeria.

    However, one of the easiest ways to make money online is Blogging. You simply create a blog, research and write, and you monetize your website when you have good enough traffic.

    Although this is not a make money Quick scheme, with a little dedication and consistency, after a few months, you could be earning monthly from your blog.

    Even though blogging can become as complicated and tasking as it can get, you can really go into Micro-Blogging, which is less stressful and less complicated, and you’ll still see good results. 

There are also Several Freelancing websites where you can make money with your digital skills.

You can also start affiliate marketing, and other forms of digital marketing to drive sales and make good profits online.

If you want to go more in-depth into making money online specifically for students, then you will find a detailed article here. 

Do you know any other easy way students make money? Share in the comment section below.



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