1. Open an account

Open an account For Free. Create a group, post as many things as you want, comment, like, chat with people, and do anything you do on Facebook. Create an account here

2. Participate and Earn Points

Jedun is a social website, which means you can write, read, post, comment, chat with others and have fun. For each of these thing done, you gain points. Each point is called Jeducoins. You can start posting and commenting in Forums, groups, and even blogs. Start chating with other users too.

3. Place Adverts

Once you have enough Jeducoins, you can use your coins to place banner adverts on Jedunigeria. Advertsing usually costs money, but on Jedun, you can avoid paying money. Your Jeducoins can be used to run ads on Jedun. Submit your ad here

4. Upgrade & Become an Affiliate

Upgrade to be a premium affiliate member with a one-time payment of 1,500 naira. Click here to Upgrade . One of the fastest ways to earn is to invite your friends. For each friend you bring, you are paid 1,000 naira. Request for your affiliate link here 

5. Refer People

Share your referral ink and invite people. For each person you refer, you earn a sum of 1,000 naira. If you refer 10 people in a week, and they upgrade to a premium member, you earn 10,000 naira in a week. Get your affilaite link here

6. Get paid weekly

At the end of the week, money earned through referral and activities(Jeducoins) are  paid automatically at the end of the week. Your Jeducoins also are going to be converted into Naira and paid to you. This is for premium members only. Become a premium member

Earning by creating contents on the Website

Right now, our plan is simple. Join our platform, create contents and get promoted for what you do.

There is no limitation to what you can do, or the things you can write. You are free to be yourself. You are in control of whatever you want to write, as long as you do not go against our policies.

For every activity carried out, you automatically gain points called Jeducoins.

The JeduCoins you earn can be used to place adverts on the site, participate in competitions and give aways.

As a premium member, you will earn 1000 naira for each person you refer and upgrade.

Break down of Jeducoins to be earned for different activities

  • Complete Registration(50jc)
  • Upgrading to an affiliate Member (500jc)
  • Daily Login(50jc per day)
  • Daily Visits(50jc)
  • Viewing Contents (2jc, up to 50jc per day)
  • Approved Published post (500jc)
  • Approved comments on Posts(5jc)
  • For each approved comments on a post, Author gets (3jc)
  • Spam comments on posts(50jc deducted from User’s Balance)
  • Deleted Comments by a Moderator (50jc deducted from User’s Balance)
  • Click and visit special/sponsored links (100Jc)
  • Referred visitor(10Jc)
  • Referred Sign-ups (200Jc) Share you referral link on your dashboard and get 200Jc for each Person that signs up through your link.
  • Liking a comment (2Jc)
  • Authors whose contents get liked(1Jc)
  • Unliking a comment(-2Jc)
  • Authors whose contents get unliked(-IJc)
  • Creating New Forums (20Jc up to 10 per day)
  • Deleting Forums (-20Jc)
  • Creating new Forum topics(10Jc up to 20 per day)
  • Deleting topics(-5Jc)
  • Replies to Topics(1Jc)
  • Deleted Replies(-1Jc up to 20 per day)
  •  New Profile activity (5Jc, up[ to 100Jc per day)
  • Deleted Profile activity (-5Jc)
  • Updating Profile Picture (100jc only once)
  • Upadting Cover Photo (150jc only once)
  • New Friendship (10jc)
  • Ending Friendship(-10jc)
  • New Comment in site activity (2Jc up to 50 per day)
  • Deleted Comments in site activity (-2Jc)
  • Creating a  group (500Jc awarded as when at least, 20 members join the group) Effect that in the hook
  • Group Deletion(-500Jc)
  • New Group Topic(10jc up to 100Jc per day)
  • New Group Post(10Jc up to 100Jc per day)
  • Joining Groups (10jc)
  • Leaving Groups (-20Jc)
  • New Group Comments(5Jc up to 50Jc per day)

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