How do bloggers make money in nigeria

How do bloggers make money in Nigeria?


Have you been wondering how do bloggers make money in Nigeria?  Do you think bloggers make money when people visit their websites? Perhaps, as you clicked on this website and you are reading, you think I am making money? 


Well, several years ago, I thought the same thing. I thought bloggers make money online when people read their blogs. But I didn’t ask the big question; “Who pays them?” 


Okay, I was terribly wrong and naive about how it works. If you were thinking the same too, then sorry, you are wrong. So, let’s answer the question “ how do bloggers make money in Nigeria ?”


First of all, let it be in your mind that there is no money without sales. It’s either you sell or help people sell/ promote their products or services. If that doesn’t happen, sorry, you can’t earn a dime. 


With that in mind, I’ll introduce you to the common bloggers make money in Nigeria.


(1) Partnering with advertising networks. 


Google Adsense is usually the talk of the town whenever this is mentioned. In fact, it’s the most common ways for bloggers to make money in Nigeria. They offer CPM(Cost per 1,000 impressions), and CPC(Cost per click). You can also include CPA(Cost per action), if it can work for your niche (I believe it can work for any niche. It just depends are you can manage to pull it off). 


How does it work?


First, you have to register your website with Google adsense and once you are approved, you are going to be given a code you have to put on your website. You can put all codes on different sections of the websites and wherever you put the code, ads are going to show up to viewers.

Some ads are CPM, which means once the ad is seen 1,000 times, you are going to be paid an amount. The amount could range from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the demography of the traffic. For CPC ads, you are going to be paid an amount for each person that clicks on the ads.

Although Google adsense is a great way of monetizing your blog, it’s usually difficult to get approved, and even if you get approved, you can be easily banned if you violate one of their numerous rules. 


There are quite a number of alternatives you can use if Adsense is giving you troubles. They include Popcash , Infolink  , Pop ads , Propeller adsmedia.net  , and so on.

They don’t pay as much as Adsense and they are not as flexible and intuitive, but in the absence of Adsense, they are they best alternatives. 


(2) Selling Ad spaces to businesses on your Blog 


Huge sites with huge traffic are hot cakes for businesses. Lot’s of businesses are looking for sites with lots of traffic so they can advertise their products. Bloggers definitely make money by selling ad spaces on their websites. Depending on your traffic, you can charge from a few thousands to hundreds of thousands monthly. 


(3) Selling your own Products / Services

Once you start exerting some authority in your domain, people start trusting you enough to learn more from you. This is the perfect time to sell your products if you have any (It could just be an eBook you wrote addressing an issue in your niche), or your services. You can start charging for consultation or for the services you render for them. Depending on how many clients you see, and how convincing you are to close them,  you can start making a lot of money in no time. 


(4) Paid Guest Posting

You do not have to write all your blog posts yourself. Sometimes, you may get approached by another blogger or business brands who are willing to pay you to put up a blog post on your website. You can allow them for free, or charge them for a fee. 


(5) Affiliate Marketing

This is the fastest way to make tons of Money online. Selling your own products is good, but you won’t have enough products to sell to all your traffic. Your best bet is to sign up with some affiliate programs and start promoting their products, depending on your niche. Look out for affiliate companies that sell products in your niche, sign up with them, start promoting their products on your blog, and start earning commissions per sales.

If you have never done this before and it’s looking at all confusing, sign up for my online  training where I made several videos explaining the concepts with practical sessions one after the other. 


There are many companies offering affiliate partnership, including this very website (Read about how you can be our Affiliate Member and earn 1,000 naira per commission) . All you have to do is search Google for them. Popular once include Konga, Jumia, Commision Junction, Share a Sale, Clickbank, Amazon, and a whole lot of others. 


(6) Paid Memberships

It is easy to lock some vital information on the blog for only premium members. For example, there are some functions and groups on Jedun you can visit only when you upgrade, . A good example is that, you can become an affiliate of this website and earn 1,000 naira per referral. But you can’t do that until you upgrade to paid membership. . This is another way bloggers make money in nigeria. 


(7) Freelancing. 

This is somewhat similar to selling your products, but it’s basically offering your services for a fee. If you are a writer, you write for your blog readers who are interested in your writing skills and get paid. If you are a web designer like me, you can offer to build websites and get paid. I do this a lot. 


I believe now, how do bloggers make money in nigeria shouldn’t be a question you should be asking any longer. You already know it, and all you have to do is to start a blog and start making money with your blog. 


If you are wondering how to start blogging, I have written a detailed post here. You can also contact me using the details below if you need my services in starting a blog.

Also, sign up for my in depth beginner-friendly training if you want to avoid making mistakes and start blogging like a pro from day one. 




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