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Content Creators usually hear about how Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies earn billions of dollars of every year from ads. They wish these companies pay them a slice of their revenues since they spend loads of hours creating contents on the platform.

There are some companies who do that but aren’t very favorable for Nigerians. The usually target the European audience. The Jedun community is homemade solution.

Free to Easy Join

You are not required to pay any fee to earn from us. Anyone can be a Creator and earn. It’s also very easy and fast.

Sleek user Interface

We have used modern web technology to build the community. We made it easy and beautiful to use the website. Users have full control over their profile and contents, and can earn monthly as content creators.

Loved By Everyone

Whether you are a Creator or a regular user or whatsoever, you are going to love how the system works. It does not matter if you a a content creator or not, you can earn by participating in our Affiliate Program.

Have you got what it takes to create engaging contents?

If you have got what it takes to create contents, do not waste your time posting them on Popular Social Media, where all you can get are likes, comments, and shares.

Rather, create a blog, get the engagement and monetize the traffic.

But we know it is not as easy as that. Creating a website is expensive and tasking. You have to either spend a ton of hours learning and worrying about so many things or pay a lot of money to a web designer.

There is a third option and I believe is the best you’ve got.

Create an account with us for free, create a group and post your contents. We monetize the traffic for you and we take a small commission. Very easy.

Create an account

You’ve got no reason to not sign up now.

The content you provide is actually up to you. We are not going to manually accept your contents. Whatever type of content you post on your channel is really up to you, as long as you are not going against our Terms of Service.

This gives Everyone the freedom to monetize his/her channel, regardless of the niche and content type.

Create a Group

Now that you have Freedom of content, you can monetize those contents. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria, where users can get paid by posting contents on a website.

Do not hesitate to start right now as it will get more difficult to be approved as a Creator in the nearest future.

Don’t wait till it’s difficult. Be an early Bird

Jedun is not only about Creators. In fact, creators have to be aware that what matters is the community. Without the community, there is no Jedun.

Learn from People, Connect with People, and make the most out of the community. That is the essence of it all.

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