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      Mr Jedu

      It was the first rendezvous
      His appearance mirrored that of the gods
      His words flowed like milk dissolved in honey
      The ripple effect in your succulent heart was the zenith of excitement
      It was like you’ve known him from ages
      The connection that established was a bond you’ve never experienced
      It was stronger than family ties
      Where had he been all this while?
      The exact answers your prayers
      You let down your guard and spilled your whole life before him
      At the first date, he had already known all about you since conception.
      If you love him, what can’t you entrust him with everything?
      Alas, he wasn’t the goodie hero you thought
      In three days, he took advantage of your weaknesses, used you, duped you and dumped you
      Now, your heart is broken, sad and bitter
      Men are cold-hearted, evil and wicked
      You updated on Facebook; “All men are dogs”
      No. You are just a learner. A naive young lady
      You let a stranger into your whole life because of the butterflies in your stomach
      How could you trust someone you don’t know?
      How could you love who you don’t trust?
      Trust is built over time and time is the test of trust
      I know it is a bitter lesson but you have learnt.
      Anyone could pretend to be a superhuman from Zeus at first tryst
      That’s the more reason you have to use your head
      Don’t trust at tryst. You can’t know who is true or not.
      Take your time before you trust your life unto a man or woman

      Written by Oladokun Oladapo

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