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      Hey Guys, it is another time to dive into cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. But today, we will go into something else, by popular demand- Bounties. Many people want to know how to do cryptocurrency bounties and earn some tokens for themselves which they can sell and make some funds. Cryptocurrency bounties are profitable but can take a lot of time before you make something from it, but if you are lucky enough you can come across real good projects where you can make it big.

      What are Cryptocurrency Bounties and how do they come about?

      Cryptocurrency bounties are assignments which are given out by cryptocurrency startups to influencers when completed will allow the influencer to get some cryptocurrency as promised by the startup. Some bounties are given by already-established companies, all you need is the right information and at the right time. This article is just to get you started, you will have to learn more as time goes on. Companies need to get themselves visible but they cannot do so by doing ads with companies like google, they are limited with language and cultural barriers. This is why they need people from different countries to help them publicize their product or solution to their immediate community. This is where you come in with your skill. This is much like affiliate marketing but simpler, the only difference is that hunters are not paid based on referred clicks or actions, they are paid based on the works they did- yes it’s that simple. You can read more on the reason behind bounties here.

      Different Kinds of Bounty Campaigns
      There are several kinds of bounty campaign types. Bounty hunters do the ones they are capable of.

      Social Media
      This is the simplest kind of bounty task, all you need to do is to join or follow the company’s social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit LinkedIn, etc.), like, share or comment on their post. In some cases especially for campaigns which are run on bitcointalk.org, you have to show that you really worked by posting the links to the shared posts or comment. The easy part is that the bounty manager will give every detail of what is needed before you can get rewarded. You also have to note that the number of friends, followers or connection you have will give you better rewards than those who have less.

      Blogs or Articles/Videos
      This a bit harder but more rewarding as it takes more works. You get rewarded based on the number of views or influence of your article/YouTube videos (ps. Youtubers need at least 100 subscribers in their channels and more than 100 organic views, I don’t know much about that cos it’s not yet my interest). For this you need to be passionate about writing else you won’t be able to make much from it. The platform you are posting the article from is also very important: I will recommend posting from steemit.com, newbium.com, cryptocoinpravda.com, linkedin.com, minds.com, or any self-owned blog which has enough monthly traffic. You can read more on web marketing from Jedun.com to get the hang of it.

      What you will be requested is to write an article about the company that is putting up the campaign to showcase what they are doing. This must be about 500words upward. Don’t worry, all you are requested to write about is contained in their white paper (vision document or proposal) which is usually located on their website free to download for all. But you cannot copy paste from their white paper, else your entries will be invalidated. You need to be creative when you write, I have written more than 78 articles but I kept on improving with every article I write (so you can check my blog to get some tips or ask here). If you will truly earn being a cryptocurrency writer, you need to read more whitepapers, interact more with communities and don’t be afraid to talk to anyone- only be polite.

      Aside from writing as a bounty hunter, there are more opportunities for writers on the blockchain more of which you will know as you interact with projects. All you need is to be passionate, ready to learn and grab what you learned in the shortest possible time. It is good to have people you are competing with but it will not help, all you need is the passion, sure it will help you through tough times when bounties seem not to be profitable.

      This requires hunters who understand other national or widely spoken languages aside from English. On bounty campaign threads or posts, hunters are given details of what needed to be translated. I will not delve much into this but you can contact me personally if you are interested in this.

      Art Works or Graphics
      Just as it is, all the details needed in the graphics will be pointed out in the instructions, make sure you ask questions if you do not understand.

      Relating with bounties requires that you are inquisitive, if not, you can lose your rewards, so ask questions.

      We will not go into this for now, but you can read from this article to know more about bitcointalk signatures.

      These are some of the things you may need as a bounty hunter.

      ·         An account on https://bitcointalk.org, make sure your account is doesn’t have a ‘no post’ ban on it (contact me personally if you are having troubles). Most bounties will be from this platform, you also can explore the altcoin bounties section of the platform to see some you can join, but it is better to get recommendations from your friends- that doesn’t mean they cannot turn out to be scams.

      ·         A wallet. Most of the bounties will be paid into your Ethereum wallet, so you need an ERC20 wallet, download ImToken (version 2 preferably) from google play store. Follow the specified registration process from the app you will always need your wallet address. You can also download a stellar wallet- lobstr for bounties requesting for your XLM (stellar) wallet address.

      ·         Social media and blogging accounts. You will need your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. for a social media campaign. And for a blog, register on some of the platforms I specified on the Blog or Article Section.

      ·         Telegram. Many campaigns will require that you join telegram groups of bounty managers or startups so you can get updates and ask questions.

      ·         Google spreadsheet app. Download from google play store. This is to check your bounty entries.

      ·         Bounty platform accounts. There are a lot of bounty platforms that run campaigns from time to time. After you join these platforms you will get to know that some do not need you to report links, they can track your social media activities automatically. There are some platforms I can personally recommend.

      o   CleverBounty. This pays automatically in Xlm for your social media activities. You can read more about them here.

      o   Bounty0x. You can get to know more about them here.

      o   Bountyhive

      o   ETC.

      Things to Note
      ·         Any project can turn out to be a scam or unsuccessful, so don’t worry just move on. There are times when you will be tempted to invest in some of these projects because of the pecks, I say that you stay away from putting your money into ANY of the startups for the first few months you start bounties. This will give you time to get experience, and see how things are done so you don’t lose your money. Investing in startups is risky yet it can be so profiting that it will seem like ritual money unless you are experienced.

      ·         Always learn to check the telegram group of the project you joined their bounty to get updates from time to time. This can save you a lot of stress and even give you profits in the long run. Ask questions in their telegram group, if possible (for those who are not running blog or article campaigns), read extensively about the project.

      ·         …

      How to Start
      ·         Find a bounty Campaign. For a test, we are going to use a bounty campaign which is going to close in the next five days- Ironx. This means social media influencers will have just five days (a week of work).

      ·         Visit the link above and read extensively on the requirements.

      ·         First, you need to reply with an authentication post, the example is given in the thread.

      ·         You need to fill the appropriate google forms with your details to register. Writers only need to fill the form after their work is done (the link to the article you posted will be required). ERC20 wallet address is also your Imtoken wallet address

      ·         Start working. For social media influencers, you need to follow the procedures to report the links to your shared, liked or commented posts (you will find the link to the current week on the thread, this is where you’ll put the links). Reporting works is dependent on the bounty manager, each one has his/her own style and they usually specify what needs to be done. Read the instructions carefully, and you will find comments under doing the things required, just follow examples.

      ·         After filling the appropriate google forms to report your works, make sure to check the spreadsheet (link is given on the thread) to see if you have entered details correctly.

      ·         …

      Most of the things you will learn from cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be from bounty hunting, especially if you are a writer or you read white papers frequently. Don’t expect profits that quickly, though it may come quick enough. Make sure you ask questions, joining bounties can be complicated at first, but it is ok. After the bounty I posted above is finished I will post another, so you can wait until after 15th January before you join in.

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