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      Mr Jedu


      I was young, lazy and frivolous
      Dad, with that stone face
      Always gave me a wicked piercing gaze
      Expecting me to do that “thing”

      Stupid little thing
      Never doing anything at the right time
      At this your age
      When would you come of age?

      He never let me be
      Like Trump, he never stopped trumping
      You should be able to think for yourself
      You should be able to take up responsibilities.

      Mum was different
      She did everything for me
      She washed my clothes and cooked my food
      I felt like a growing fool.

      The moment finally came
      I became a man
      Responsibilities oscillating at my neck
      With a sack of “must dos” on the deck

      Dad switched on his buccal fluorescents
      Atlast, I can have my peace with him
      And have my peaceful piss without hearing him growl
      I’m finally responsible and grown

      Then comes mum with her troubles
      Still treating me like a baby
      Asking me what I’ll love for Launch
      Don’t worry mum, thanks a bunch

      She’ll come to my room at night
      Just to check if I was properly covered
      And if the windows are not opened
      Please, leave them. The breeze and I commune

      he sits by my bed, asking if all is well
      Please, stop treating me like I’m a toddler
      Can’t I have my peace and privacy?
      I guess it’s a No. Not when I’m in their custody

      And, I finally left
      To be all by myself
      Fit and brewed to be strong
      Flexible and loving, conquering all

      I knew it was my parent’s handy works
      Dad’s Herculean fist, grinding and sharpening my edges
      Causing a lot of pain and friction
      But at the end, making a swift cutting sword

      I knew it was my parent’s handy works
      Mum’s soft arms, making the sword pliable and wieldable
      A fine sword, forged from Aphrodite’s bossom
      The sword of truth.,

      • This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by Mr Jedu.
      • This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by Mr Jedu.
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