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      Mr Jedu

      Infact, all smart works are hard works, but not all hard-works are smart works. Know the difference.

      I’ve often heard things like “It’s not hard work that brings money. It’s smart work”.

      But do you realize all smart works are hard works?

      Being smart is the hard work on it’s own, coupled with the fact the you still have to work hard, but smartly.

      How much does a bricklayer earn each day?

      1,500, 2,500? 3,000 naira?

      This is the pay for almost 8hours of hard work in the sun.

      Now, that’s hard-work.

      What about smart work?

      A contractor, whose job is to close building contracts and pay bricklayers to do the works.

      He doesn’t do the “hard job”, may not even touch the shovel, yet earns more than the bricklayers.

      Does that make his work easy?

      Well, try becoming a contractor and see how many projects you can win.

      You may need to get some professional certificates (which takes time and money), Register your business (which takes time and money), start networking for building projects (which takes time and money), advertise, assemble a team (which takes time and money), all sorts of logistics.

      How is that any of that easy?

      This is the definition of smart work and you’ll agree with me it’s not as easy as we have assumed.

      We need to remove the “it’s not about hard-work, it’s about smart work” mentality to condone laziness.

      Every good thing you see today is a product of hardwork.

      From the greatest technology not the finest of arts.

      Ask the entrepreneurs who you covet their extravagance, and see how hard they work daily.

      At Jedun, we focus to earn weekly on social media through smart work.

      Creating social Media contents or engagement is hardwork. It takes time and energy.

      Smart work is making sure that these contents and engagement earn you money.

      That’s what Jedun is all about.

      Inbox me or join the Jedun WhatsApp group and learn you can be making 10-30k every week on Jedun.


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