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      Mr Jedu


      Do you Care about Quality?

      There are many quick fixes and short cuts to achieving an aim, but they are usually short-lived.

      There is always a shorter ways to do something.

      You can make more money with adsense by directing traffic with fake news and click baits.

      You can cheat your clients by using article spinners to rewrites you find on the another blog instead of writing a unique one.

      You can spend less time creating mediocre contents (whatever type).

      You can earn more money by using a smaller measuring container while selling.

      You can skip classes and find a way of getting an A without even reading.

      They are quick fixes (more like cheating) to achieving an aim.

      While you get can get immediately results, It won’t be long before it fizzles out, like a tree with shallow roots.

      Work more on achieving depth and quality, if you want to survive or keep in the long run.

      It takes more time, energy, focus and attention to detail. But it’s what makes you stand longer and grow better.

      Care more about quality than quick results, and when you eventually start results, they are going be long-lasting.

      At http://www.jedun.com.ng we enable you to earn every week by paying them for reading, writing, sharing and referring.

      We do not promise you’ll earn without doing anything, but we promise if you can spend 30 minutes to one hour a day, doing what we recommend, you’ll be able to cash out 10k-30k weekly.

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      • This topic was modified 11 months, 1 week ago by Mr Jedu.
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      Adesoji Michael

      Thats why I always choose quality over quantity any day because it is not how far you can go that matters but how well the journey end eventually.

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