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      Mr Jedu

      You see, if you believe the faceapp is evil because you think they are mining data, then you have fallen victim of the US propaganda.

      They’ve been doing these since forever.

      That was how they make you accept Western Language, Tradition, Culture and Religion.

      They make you believe they are right and others are wrong.

      The greatest breaches to your privacy are Facebook and Google.

      They control your life and have every detail about you.

      You can’t escape them. They MONITOR our lives.

      You heard all the conspiracies about Facebook and Google breaching your privacy and selling your data, but you don’t care.

      Why? Maybe because the western media doesn’t go hard on them, or even if they do, you don’t take it seriously because you adore anything Western.

      But this faceapp is from Russia, and they haven’t even collected 1 out of 100 information Facebook has on you, you joined the western propaganda to name them evil.

      Maybe they are evil, maybe not.

      But one sure thing is, if the Russians who built the app are evils, then Facebook and Google and the real Lucifers.

      If you care so much about your privacy, delete your Facebook, don’t use Google again.

      Maybe use Duckduck go for your search engine.

      And don’t even use Android. Android is owned by Google, making your Android phone a data mining center for them.

      Start using Apple products, but they also mine your data too.

      Probably, toss your gadgets to the river and go back to 1970 when these things didn’t exist..

      P.S, If you think the “privacy agreement” stops them from using your data, you make me laugh.

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