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      Oladokun Oladapo

      Hello, welcome the Internet Marketing channel.

      This is my first post on this channel and I want to start by watering your mouth with a good deal. There are lots of things to learn and do, but this is an extremely easy way to make money, for complete noobs.

      When it comes to making money online, it takes a lot of time and effort to make reasonable money. I would be covering them and discussing them on this channel.

      As promised, this is how you can make money quite passively and easily. All you need to do is create an account, generate a link and share it. When people click on it, you get paid.

      And no, it’s not a scam or waste of time. If people click on the link and you earn, they are going to pay you, unless you go against their terms and conditions. Enough of stories, let’s get started.

      Step 1.

      Sign up for Propeller ads and register, make sure you register as a publisher.

      Click here to register

      Step 2.

      After you have been verified(Takes a few minutes), login into your dashboard and click in “Smartlink” and “create smart link”

      Step 3.

      Create any title you want, Click on Get code. (Choose the Classic Smart link)

      Step 4.
      Once you get the code, copy it. It look’s something like this http://bodelen.com/afu.php?zoneid=2220839. You can click on the link and find out where it leads you to.



      You can now start sharing it everywhere and you get paid when people click on it.

      However, people don’t just click on links without any reason. You have to make them do it and this is where you have to get creative and think like an Internet/Digital Marketer. I will do an advanced training on this, teaching you ways to make more money even from this.

      Also, don’t expect millions of Naira overnight when you do this. It’s just a small passive way of income.

      As you can see, it’s not complicated, nor difficult and you don’t even need any tech knowledge or a website at all.

      That was just to whet your appetite. So, enjoy this and see how far it works for you.

      We’d be getting into more serious internet marketing soon. Subscribe to this channel and never miss an update.

      Quick Pro-tip.

      The link you generate as the smart link can be a bit obnoxious. It’s smart to change how the link looks like by shortening and customizing. I recommend bit.ly.

      After editing my link, this is the result. http://bit.ly/earnwithsmartlinks

      If you have any questions so far, let me know in the comment section.

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      Mr Jedubass

      I’ve got some questions bro.

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      I have a question bro

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      Mr Jedu

      Please, do ask.

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