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      Mr Jedu

      earn money in Nigeria


      As a content Creator on social media for several years, one of my biggest dreams was to earn from the engagements I get on Facebook.

      How exactly do I afford to spend my whole day, on social media and not earning a dime?

      I heard these social media companies are worth billions of dollars.

      I asked myself why they didn’t pay users at least, a little sum of money for their effort.

      After a long and futile search, I forgot about it and went on doing some Freelancing jobs.

      I literally took a long break from social media because it wasn’t footing my bills. I had to at least, earn.

      As a Webdesigner/developer and internet marketer, I realize I could be the solution to this challenge, especially for Nigerian youths.

      The idea of JeduNigeria sprang up. A platform where people create Contents like they do on any other social media platform, and they can earn based on their activities.

      We are starting small right now and only paying the top 5 creators in the month of February.

      We are going to generate more revenues from the website and pay more content creators.

      Create contents like you do, but smile at the end of the bank at the end of the month.

      This is a paradigm shift in the social media and content creation industry in Nigeria and JeduNigeria is setting the pace.

      Open an account for FREE at https://www.jedun.com.ng/register/ and start creating social Media Contents.

      At the end of the month, we pick the top Creators and pay them.

      Additionally, you can upgrade(with 5,000 Naira) and become an affiliate member. As an affiliate member, all the amount earned by referral are paid to your bank every week.

      This is great news for content Creators in Nigeria.

      Get in now, join the community, create Contents, learn and earn.

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      Sir can I know more about Jedun? Sir

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      Mr Jedu

      You can start by reading up this Blog post.

      Welcome to Jedun

      Also, go through this page https://www.jedun.com.ng/faq

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      Love to comment on Google it.

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