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      Mr Jedu

      You are sitting on a goldmine and you are not even aware of it. Let me show you are you can start making 3-5k in a day.

      Being brilliant is cute. I like it too. But having money is cuter. You don’t need to have all the money in the world, but something you can use yo carry out your normal daily lives.

      There are cute ways to make make money without leaving the comfort of your room. Done that, doing that.

      One thing I’ve accepted grudgingly is that no matter what you do, there has to be sales before there can be money.

      If you hate sales, then you hate money. The companies hiring you are paying from the money made from sales.

      I used to hate the idea of selling, probably due to shyness, or fear of rejection. I just prefer having skills.

      But I’ve seen people who are less skillful than me, yet making far more money.

      Why? The know how to market themselves or their products.

      Which one do you prefer?

      Beg a stranger for 5,000 naira or sell him a product and make 5,000 naira commission?

      Which one is easier?

      Find two people and sell 2 products to them to make a commission of 10,000 naira or do odd jobs for days to make 10,000 naira?

      I’ve seen people work for a whole month here in Ibadan and make 15,000 naira. And no, they weren’t given accommodation or transport whatever. That was the whole net pay.

      A whole freaking month!

      What if you can convince 20 people to pay 1,500 for a product and you in turn, get a commission of 20,000 naira?

      You can achieve this in 4 days, if you are serious.

      Some can even achieve it in 1 day.

      Your FB friends are not just there for fun. You are sitting on a goldmine and you are not even aware of it.

      Leverage and Network. This is the easy way to make quick money, legally.

      Join http://www.jedun.com.ng and start networking to your friends and colleagues.

      http://www.jedun.com.ng is a site for content creators, which means if you are active on social media and do not get paid, you can actually earn by posting stuffs and interacting with others on the site.

      Also, you can earn 1,000 naira for each person you invite to the website.

      Facebook is fun, I love being there. But fun is not as important as money.

      Join right away and start making money by posting contents and referring people.

      It’s free to register, but you have to upgrade with a one time payment of 1,500 Naira only.

      Then you can start posting, referring and earning thousands of naira daily.

      For more information, you can slide into my DM. And you can tell me I smell nice though, I won’t call you rude.

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