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      1. STARTING OUT.
      To begin using Adobe Premiere Pro please choose the icon in CORE APPS on the start menu.
      The first thing you will see is a box asking
      whether you would like to create a new
      Project or work on an existing project.
      The most recent Projects will appear as their
      titles above “New Project”
      The Next window you see will ask you
      to name your new project.
      From there you will be asked to specify
      the project presets. These are to do with the
      Size of the video you are working with and
      the audio quality you used.
      If you filmed using Flip cameras you would
      be best using DV PAL > Standard 48kHz

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      Imoekor Omon Paul


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      Mr Jedu

      Welcome brother,


      Please, use this particular forum topic to continue your lessons and tutorials. No need to create another forum to continue the lesson.

      Just continue the lesson here, unless you have another completely different tutorial.


      I can’t wait to hear more from you.


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      Okay sir

      Thanks for letting me know Mr Jedu

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      The Premiere Pro interface.
      At first the Premiere Pro interface may be a little daunting but it can be easily split up into 7 areas that help you
      with your workload.
      1 – Project – This is where all the files you use are stored. Each file you import automatically sits in this area
      for you to then drag into the timeline so you begin editing it.
      2 – Effect Controls – Any effect you add to your footage can be controlled in here using a simple sliding scale
      3 – Video Preview – This is where your video appears and you can watch what you have edited by pressing
      Play or hitting spacebar.
      4 – Effects – A series of drop down menu’s containing audio and video effects. These can be added by dragging
      them from this window onto your footage in the Timeline (See Key 5).
      5 – Timeline – This where you edit your footage. Using the red line to travel along your footage this is your
      marker to make any edits. To move the marker just click the blue indicator at the top of the red line and slide it
      across using your mouse.
      6 – Audio levels – These tell you how loud your audio is. If it’s in the red then it is too loud and will crackle.
      Ideally you’ll want your levels in the middle around the 12 mark.
      7 – Tools – This window holds various Tools you can use to edit your footage. Try them all out to see what they do.

      Must importantly stay “CREATIVE”

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      2. Importing Footage.
      To start editing you need to import the footage
      You have just shot. With the Flip cameras you
      Simply need to save them into a folder.
      Then you go to File >Import and a window will
      Open up
      Select the footage you require and click
      “Open”. This will import the footage.
      You can select multiple files using
      Control and Left Mouse click and then
      Clicking on “Open”.
      Your footage will now appear in
      The Project window as indicated by
      The red arrow.

      Must Importantly stay “CREATIVE”

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      3. Editing your Footage.
      To begin editing your footage you must drag it into the TIMELINE by holding
      Down Left Mouse click on Film/Audio icon (See photo) and then drag
      it on to the TIMELINE.
      When it has been dragged onto the Timeline you will see your video appear in the Video Preview window.

      4. Cutting out the bad parts of your Footage.
      To make a cut on your footage press C on your keyboard and you
      Will notice your cursor will change into a razor blade.
      Next you need to move the cursor to where you want to make a cut
      And press the Left Mouse button to make a cut.
      If you find this lacks accuracy try moving the red line on your
      Timeline to where you want to cut and make it on the red line.
      This is a more accurate way of making transitions.

      Must importantly stay “CREATIVE”

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      5. Adding Effects.
      To add an effect couldn’t be simpler.
      The effects are all stored in drop
      Down menus on the bottom left of
      The Premiere Pro interface.
      The effects are all stored in drop down menus within the
      Effects window. Just hit the arrow to find the one you want.
      When you have found the effect you require then
      Drag it onto the timeline in the same way you did your
      footage and the effect will be applied.
      When the effect is in an area that it can be applied it will turn
      a burgundy colour. Let go of the left click button and it will
      be applied.

      Must importantly stay “CREATIVE”

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      Mr Jedu

      Can you provide Pictures, Screenshots or even a short Video?

      I’m interested in learning but I can’t really understand it the way you are writing it.

      Can it be more visual so we can see what you are talking about?

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      Good evening Mr Jedu

      I have been trying to upload pictures of every lesson but I can’t upload it i don’t know why

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      Short video of it will be ready this week on YouTube

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>6.  Adding Titles to your video.
      To add a title to your video simply select TITLE at the top of your screen. Hit new title and select either Still
      (This will create a title that remains in one place), Roll (The title will roll up like a credit sequence) or Crawl
      (This title will roll along the screen like a ticker tape)
      The title creation window will open (as seen above) where you can
      Type out your title directly onto the video pre
      Select the “Text Tool”
      In the top left hand corner
      Of the window and then
      Click where you want the
      The title.
      When complete click on
      The small “X” in the top
      Right hand corner of the

      1. Must importantly stay “CREATIVE”
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      Mr Jedu


      This is a picture

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      Mr Jedu

      I don’t know why it’s not uploading from your side, but It’s going well over here.

      I’ll love to see those videos.

      I guess you know how to embed a video on a website.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>THIS IS PART OF LESSON SIX (6)</span></p>
      Another way to adding titles to your video  simply click  FILE on the top of  the  screen select NEW than click on  TITLE or you use ctrl + T. see pictures below:

                                     this is what you will see


      This will come next.
      <p style=”text-align: center;”>                                              </p>
      by the left of your screen you will see you tool and right you will see Title proprieties where you can increase or decrease your front size.

      This is all for now, see you later in the next Lesson


      Must importantly stay “CREATIVE”


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      Mr Jedu

      I have a problem with my Premiere Pro. When I try to export, my computer crashes. What can I do?

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      ctrl + M select the format (H.264) select preset (if it is youtube you want to post the video you can use) Android tablet

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      Once you have saved and exited the Text Creator window you must drag it from the Project bin onto your
      Timeline as you did with your footage earlier.

      It will have to be placed on the video layer above the
      video as it works in a Hierarchy so whatever is on top
      is seen over what is below it.

      7. Exporting your video.
      To export your video click on
      File > Export > Media


      Must Importantly Stay “CREATIVE”

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      Hi guyz today we are going to be taking about colour correction in Adobe Premiere pro, this is a new Lesson


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      Colour correction is a step in the process of film
      editing that can make a huge difference. It is the process of adjusting the hue (colour
      and chroma) and luminance (brightness and exposure) of an image. The purpose is
      to correct videos that are too dark or light, or eliminate a colour cast in a clip. It can
      also be used to emphasize or de-emphasize a detail in a clip. Do not get this confused
      with Color Grading, which is the process of color editing that stylizes your video.

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      Lesson 1. Workspace
      In previous tutorials, the workspace for our Adobe Premiere Pro CC project
      has been set to “Editing”. For the purpose of color correcting, it is suggested
      to change your workspace to “Color Correction”. To do so, go to Window >
      Work Space > Color Correction.
      You will find your Source Panel in the upper middle box of your screen. The
      Source Panel displays the clip that is selected in your Project Panel. For a
      before an after of your video, it is best to select the clip that you are
      correcting in your Project Panel by double clicking, and going to the same
      frame that you have selected in your Timeline. The Project Panel is located
      on the next tab to the right of the Source panel. You can also check the “Shot
      Split View” under most Color Correction Effects settings.
      It is also suggested to display your scopes in the Reference Panel, located on
      the bottom right corner of your screen. To do so, select the Settings icon
      (represented by a wrench) located at the bottom right corner of the
      Reference panel, and select All Scopes, you will learn what each scope
      displays later in this tutorial. Your monitor should now look like this.

      Must Importantly stay “CREATIVE”

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      Hi guys tutorial video for beginners will be on YouTube tomorrow by 1pm

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