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Created by Oladokun Oladapo, a Legit Digital Marketer in Nigeria. As a digital marketer, he saw how difficult it was for Nigerians to earn legitimately online, coupled with lots of scams. After several years of study and learning how things worked, he created this platform to ensure that online wealth is fairly circulated among users.

Is it Free to Join?

Yes, it if Free Join. Although, to become an Premium Affiliate Jeduner, you have to register with a sum of 1,500 naira. (Less than $5)

Jedunigeria is a premium site for NIgerian social media users. You get paid for posting contents, sharing, chatting and using the site. You also get 1,000 naira for each person you refer. Refer 10 people in a week, and get paid 10,000 by weekend.

You only get paid from referrals as a premium Member.

However, you can still us make use of you Jeducoins to place paid adverts on the website without paying at all.

No. (Mabye in the Future)

As a Free member, you won’t be able to cash out. You can only use your Jeducoins to place ads.

Only premium members can cash out their referral commissions and activity points.

All content creators usually have a badge of Creator on their profiles.
The badges are given manually. Once you have fulfilled all the conditions here, you have to apply for the badge.

Click here to apply for the badge.

It’s a premium/paid program where you can earn by referring people to our website. You pay a one-time payment of 1,500.
For each person you refer, you earn 1,000.

No, you can’t. You have to be a Premium Member.

However, you can still refer people with your link to earn more Jeducoins.

No. You only get the commission when the person upgrades to premium membership.

Money earned through Affiliate programs is paid weekly. Your money gets paid to you automatically every weekend.

For the Jeducoins earned, it can be cashed also every week, as long as it’s more than 3,000 jeducoins. (Note that 3Jeducoins = 1naira)_

You are Free to create topics of write on anything except Jokes, Memes, Religious, Sexual and Political topics.

You may write on Jokes, Memes, Religious and Political topics, but if you want to cash out your activity earnings, avoid such topics. Sexual and Illegal posts would attract a ban.

No. Your Affiliate earnings are TOTALLY yours. Nothing is going to stop us from paying you.

You do not necessarily have to be one of our approved Creators. You can simply earn through Afilliate Marketing

Be active. Write, like, share posts, submit posts, create a group, start Forum topics and constantly share ideas. For each action, you gain more Jeducoins.

Read more here 

Yes, if you go against our Terms of Service. You could lose all your Jeducoins, be suspended or totally banned.

No, you can only have one account with your Bank account name and number attached to it.

There are two types of referral link. The first is for everyone and it appears on everyone’s profile. You are not going to earn real cash if you use it to refer someone. You are only going to earn Jeducoins.

The second is for Premium members found on their affiliate dashboard. This is the link you share to earn real money.


You only earn when you refer through your Affiliate link on your Affiliate dashboard, which can only be seen when you upgrade.

Even if you refer a hundred people a a Free user and later upgrade, you aren’t going to earn from those already referred, apart from the Jeducoins. You have to start from a clean slate.

It’s better you upgrade immediately, so you can earn from each single person you refer.

We make use of paystack, the most secure and convenient online payment gateway in Nigeria. All you need to do is purchase the affiliate package by entering your ATM card details. We do not store or have access to your card details. It’s safe and secure.

However, If you are skeptical or have any issues paying online, you can contact us on 07013473097 (WhatsApp only) to purchase a coupon code.

You can then use the coupon code to upgrade instead of paying online.

Contact us by sending us a message through our contact page.

Or, whatsapp us on 07013473097

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