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Jedun has implemented a gamification system, which is an internal reward system for some activities carried out on the website, as long as you have an account with us.

For each activity carried out on our website, you get paid in Jeducoins, which you can use to accomplish a whole lot of activities on the website. Approved Creators and Influencers are also paid, based on the Jeducoins they are able to garner within the month.


How Creators and Influencers are paid

Only those who have earned the Creator/Influencer badge would be paid monthly in cash, with respect to the amount of Jeducoins they earn per month.

This is rather a simple and honest approach to sharing revenues with all those who contributed to it, rather than paying a penny for a dollar. This means the more revenues the website earns through advertisement, the more money the creators and Influencers earn too.

How do we determine how much a creator is paid?

Let’s assume in a month, the website was able to earn 1,000,000 naira through ads. The website is going to take 30% of the amount to maintain the website and pay its workers. The remaining 70% would be shared among the Creators and Influencers. For that month, 700,000 naira would be shared among the creators and Influencers

In the same month, there were 20 approved Creators and Influencers, and collectively, they earned 100,000 Jeducoins from the website’s system.

One of the creators, named Max, was able to earn 5,000 Jeducoins.

To calculate how Max is going to be paid in Naira, we are going to divide Max’s earned Jeducoins by the Total Jeducoins earned collectively by all the Creators/Influencers and multiply by the amount to be shared among Creators.

Mathematically, it is 5,000 / 100,000 * 700,000 which equals 35,000 Naira.


Future Integration

Top 10 members with most earned JeduCoins monthly would be awarded in cash or gift.


Notes on Revenue Generation:

  1. The Revenues to be shared with Creators are only from ads on the website. Revenues from our shop section or sales affiliate product are not shared.
  2. The Revenue generated per month is not fixed. It fluctuates based on several reasons stated in the next points.
  3. The volume and quality of traffic the website generates in a month and number of page views of each visitor. The more the merrier.
  4. The quality of the advertisers determines how much we are able to generate via ads. Different advertisement companies pay different prices for their ads, and this difference could be very substantial. The highest paying companies require certain conditions and we can only use and earn from them when we pass the conditions. If not, we have no option but to go with low paying ad networks to generate revenues.
  5. The quality of the contents by our users affect the amount of revenue generated. Many ad programs automatically generated their ads on websites based on the contents. Some ads pay well and some don’t. Therefore, the quality of the contents by our Creators is also a deciding factor.
  6. The actions of our users to a large extent, determine our revenue. Several ad networks have rules and regulations, and if violated, will ban the publishers. Pornographic contents, bets, violent contents, use of bots or sending illegal traffic just to deceive the system can lead to the banning of our ad accounts and losing all accrued revenues. This is the more reason why we also, would be strict and swift at penalizing those who violate our Terms and Conditions. We are only protecting our system.
  7. The best and most secure system of revenue is internally generated ads. Once we have enough individuals, businesses, and companies to directly advertise on the website, we would stop depending on third-party ad networks.
  8. Creators, Influencers and every other user are encouraged to participate in one Affiliate Marketing program or the other, to increase their revenue.
  9. We are going to be implementing an internal affiliate network on Jedun in the nearest future.


Break down of Jeducoins to be earned for different activities

  • Complete Registration(50jc)
  • Daily Login(10jc per day)
  • Daily Visits(10jc)
  • Viewing Contents (2jc, up to 50jc per day)
  • Approved Published post (500jc)
  • Approved comments on Posts(5jc)
  • For each approved comments on a post, Author gets (3jc)
  • Spam comments on posts(50jc deducted from User’s Balance)
  • Deleted Comments by a Moderator (50jc deducted from User’s Balance)
  • Click and visit special/sponsored links (100Jc)
  • Referred visitor(5Jc)
  • Referred Sign-ups (50Jc)
  • Liking a comment (2Jc)
  • Authors whose contents get liked(1Jc)
  • Unliking a comment(-2Jc)
  • Authors whose contents get unliked(-IJc)
  • Creating New Forums (20Jc up to 2 per day)
  • Deleting Forums (-20Jc)
  • Creating new Forum topics(5Jc up to 3 per day)
  • Deleting topics(-5Jc)
  • Replies to Topics(1Jc)
  • Deleted Replies(-1Jc up to 20 per day)
  •  New Profile activity (5Jc, up[ to 50Jc per day)
  • Deleted Profile activity (-5Jc)
  • New Friendship (2Jc)
  • Ending Friendship(-1Jc)
  • New Comment in site activity (2Jc up to 50 per day) Effect this in the hook
  • Deleted Comments in site activity (-2Jc)
  • Creating a  group (500Jc awarded as when at least, 20 members join the group) Effect that in the hook
  • Group Deletion(-500Jc)
  • New Group Topic(5Jc up to 50Jc per day)
  • New Group Post(5Jc up to 50Jc per day)
  • Joining Groups (2jc)
  • Leaving Groups (-2Jc)
  • New Group Comments(2Jc up to 10Jc per day)

Reasons to Earn more Jeducoins

Earning Jeducoins is easy. Just participate actively in the community. But why do you have to earn more Jeducoins, if you are not an approved Creator/Influencer?

  • You will be able to access more content and groups when you have more Jeducoins.
  • You rank will grow, which provides access to better contents and opportunities when they come up.
  • You will have better chances of winning in competitions when they come up
  • You get the chance to be paid if you are among the top 5 to 10 Earners in the month.


There are different ranks users can earn, based on the JeduCoins earned on the website. These ranks not only differentiate users based on their activities and participating in the Jedu nation, it also would be used as conditionals for participating in some quizzes, competitions, and awards.

  • Inner_Circle 10001jc – 30000jc
  • Advanced 5001jc – 10000jc
  • Professional 2501jc – 5000jc
  • Participant 1000jc – 2500jc
  • New Member 0 – 1000jc



Badges are different from Ranks as they are not based on Jeducoins earned, but rather, completed or accomplished tasks and actions.


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