Earning legitimately online in Nigeria by doing the things you do on social media.

Agreed, we spend a chunk of our time on social media in Nigeria. I think it makes more sense if instead of all our efforts being monetized by these multi-billion dollar companies, we can join hands and create a micro wealth platform for ourselves.

Since we are the source of wealth for these companies, we can localize this wealth for ourselves. JeduNigeria was created in this regard.

In case you don’t know, the hours you spend on social media each day is what these companies use in creating their wealth. We are the products they are selling. And if you are among the active ones, you should think differently.

At JeduNigeria, we monetize the hours you spend (without getting any returns on Facebook) and we pay you back. Since you are the source of the money, you are entitled to be paid.

So, how does it work on JeduNigeria?

It’s quite very easy.

  1. Create an account (You can register for free at first and upgrade later, or register instantly as a paid member)

  2. Start posting contents, forums, and group updates. For each action you take on Jedun, you earn Jeducoins.

  3. Create a group, post in Forums, submit Blog posts and for each of these earn your Jeducoins. Once you have up to 3,000 Jeducoins, you can withdraw your Jeducoins. (For each blog posts, you earn 500 Jeducoins)

  4. As a premium member, you can share your referral link for each person you refer, you are going to earn 1,000 naira.

  5. At the end of the week, you can withdraw your earnings.

It’s simple as that.

Although many people have registered without any hassle, a few people still find one or two things tricky. But it’s very easy.


Just follow this tutorial step by step and you have no problem what so ever.

  1. Register an account (For Free) by using this link

  2. You’ll be required to login after successful registration. www.jedun.con.ng/login

  3. Go to your profile and upload your cover image and profile image. This is more of a looking professional rather than a faceless human.

  1. You can switch between Profile and activities, messages and so on by just clicking the + icon as seen above.

  1. You can start posting in groups, forums or submit a blog post.

You can find relevant groups you like on https://www.jedun.com.ng/groups/ or you can create your own group for your own contents.

You can create your own forum topics in the forum page https://www.jedun.com.ng/forum/

You can also submit an entire blog post and become a columnist right on Jedun.

Or, you can just post quick stuffs on the general activities page. https://www.jedun.com.ng/activity/

You have all the floor to yourselves.

Maximize all the opportunities to carve a niche for yourself.

  1. You can add friends and chat with other members.

How do you earn?

Earn money online in Nigeria

For each action you take, (Posting a forum topic, replying a topic thread, posting in groups, replying group topics, liking an activity or anything you do on the site), there are different points you gain. These points are in Jeducoins.


Once you earn up to 3000 Jeducoins, (which is achievable in a whip), you are eligible to withdraw at the end of the week.

3,000 Jeducoins = 1,000 naira.

How much is it to Join?

Although it’s free to join and start posting and all, it is imperative for you upgrade with a ONE TIME PAYMENT of 1,500 naira. That’s all you’ll ever need to pay.

Additional benefits of being a paid member of Jedun.

  1. You can start referring, and for each person you refer, you earn 1,000 naira.

  2. You can start selling your products using out shop section.

  3. You can advertise your business with us, without having to pay us any money. You can just use the Jeducoins you earned from the site to pay.

  4. Get known and discovered in the space. It’s fairly new and you can easily mark a territory for your self on Jedun.

  5. We are thinking of more innovative methods to benefit all our users.

And all starts with you creating an account with us and a one time payment of 1,500 naira to upgrade.

How do I pay and start earning through referrals?

Awesome, you can click on this link https://www.jedun.com.ng/product/affiliate-package/?wpam_id=2 to get started.

There are two methods you can use to pay.
You can lay directly on the site, using paystack. If you have ever paid online before, this is going to be a walk over for you.

Let’s say you are terrified of paying online using your ATM or something is wrong with your ATM, or any other reason, you can purchase a coupon code from me. Once you pay to my account, I’ll send you the code, and you can use it to upgrade.

Pay the sum of 1,500 to

Bank Name: Gtbank
Account number: 0037523939
Account name: Oladokun Oladapo.

Immediately you pay, send me a message on 07013473097 with a proof of payment. Whatsapp me, or send me a private message on Jedun.

I’ll get send you your coupon within few minutes

How to get the referral code?

Now that you are a premium member, you are can start inviting people using your referral link.

How to get it?


Quickly fill the form, and submit. It’ll be approved in a short while.

When approved, go back again and agree on the terms and conditions, and you’ll see your dashboard.


Click on creatives and you’ll see your Affiliate link staring at you.

Copy it and use it to invite people. As many people that register with your unique affiliate link, you’ll be paid a thousand Naira once they upgrade.

N.B. You affiliate link is going to be in this format


The only difference in yours is going to be the number. Mine is number 2, yours could be number 11, or 50.

And that is all about JeduNigeria.

It may look intimidating at first, but it’s so easy once you get a grasp of it.

Welcome to a community of wealth creators and we wish you good riddance.


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