How to earn money from facebook likes and comments

 How to earn money in facebook by clicking like and How to earn money from facebook likes and comments


If you have been wondering how to earn money on facebook like and comments, then you have come to the right place. I have also made such inquiries in the past and never got a reasonable answer or method. It seemed like a dead end.

Earning from facebook is a reality. Many businesses thrive on facebook, and many people earn a living on facebook.


There are several ways to go earn on facebook and I’ll be explaining them one after the other in this blogpost.


This article is going to be divided into two

  •  how to earn money in facebook by clicking like
  • how to earn money from facebook likes and comments


  • How to earn money in facebook by clicking like.

    To be totally honest, there isn’t a direct way to earn money in facebook by clicking like or commenting on posts. It doesn’t matter if you wake and sleep on facebook, they will never pay you a dollar. Facebook doesn’t pay you for reading, liking and commenting. However, if you are really interested in earning money for reading, liking and commenting on social media, we have built this platform for that (Nigerians only). For every like, comment, shares and posts, you earn points. We convert the points to naira and pay you.

    You can create an account for free and get started. Read more about it here


  • How to earn money from facebook likes and comments.

    Also, it doesn’t matter if your post has 1 million likes, 2 million shares and 4 million comments, you are never going to going to be paid a dollar from facebook. However, as said earlier, thousands of people earn a living on Facebook.

    The more Facebook likes and comments you can garner, the more money you can earn, if you play your cards right.


So, how can you earn money from facebook likes and comments?


  1. Create a Page, Promote the Page and earn from adverts.

    There’s hardly anything you want to do on Facebook without creating a page. You cannot use your usual account, and groups aren’t as flexible as pages.

    Step by Step approach to earn money from facebook likes and comments


    – Set up a Facebook Page. For you to earn from Facebook, you’ll most likely need a page, or a group, or both.

    – Pick a niche or central topic. It’s a great idea to ensure that your page is focuses on a subject matter. If you want to talk about mobile phones, you have to post mainly on mobile phones. Don’t just post on random things without any focus.

    Creating a page is easy. Create a page or a group.

    – Set up your Page. Add all the necessary buttons, links,Contacts.  description, cover images, profile pictures. If you can’t design a cover picture yourself, design one for free on canva. Make your page look as good as possible.

    – Start posting regularly. According to coschedule   you should post a minimum of twice for maximum reach. If you are in entertainment, or news or any niche that requires currently trends, you need to post as many times as possible. Also, post the best content you can, not just random posts.

  2. Promoting a Facebook Page.

    Creating a page is easy, posting regularly is hard, but getting traffic to the page is the most difficult. Without traffic, likes and comments, everything is pointless. Remember, it’s all about how to earn money from facebook likes and comments.

    How do you get people to like and be involved in your newly created page?

    – Post Quality and Shareable contents regularly. There are contents that easily go viral or get enough engagement. These kinds of posts either appeal to them emotionally, are funny or surprising, very entertaining, controversial, outstanding or extremely informative. The more posts that fit into these categories you make, the better the chance of getting viral with lots of likes and comments.

    – Liaise with other influencers. Influencers have to power to direct traffic to your page in a short time. Just a share, or mention of your page, you’ll have tons of traffic on your page. Getting influencers to drive traffic to your page isn’t as straight forward either. You have to engage with their contents regularly so they know you, and provide them with something that’ll benefit them. Then start with smaller influencers.

    –  Organize contests and giveaways. Everyone likes free things. Organize a contest and award the winner with something. Tell each contestant to invite his friends, like our page, share your contents and whatever engagement you want to qualify. This is going to generate traffic to your page in no time.

    – Sponsored posts. Paid traffic is the best form of traffic. Sponsored posts are the best way to reach your audience quickly. You need to learn how to advertise on face book and sponsor your posts.

    – Share your page in as many forums, groups, and sites as possible. If people do not see your page, they are not going to interact with it. You have to push your posts to the their faces, by sharing them in popular groups and websites.

    However, you do not want to spam these groups. Make insightful comments and link them to your page for more information.

  3. Earning from the Facebook page.

Now that you have worked on creating your facebook page and getting enough engagement, through likes, comments and shares, how do you earn?

#Adverts from businesses: Once you have enough engagement on your page, businesses and brands are going to patronize you to advertise their products. The price to charge is going to depend on the engagement and followership of the page.

#Sponsored Posts: Similar to adverts, brands are can also pay you to post an update. This is going to be a little different from adverts. Adverts are mainly graphics or texts that are directed towards sales. Sponsored posts could be in form of a usual post, but written by the brand, or even to share an update from their page.

#Selling your own products: If you have products or services, you can sell them on the page. Once there is traffic, you can sell.

#Affiliate Marketing: You do not need to have any products or offer any services to sell. You can sign up as an affiliate marketer in any program of your choice and promote their products. Depending on the program, you get paid for each sales you drive.

#Sell your Page: Building a facebook page from scratch is difficult. Many people prefer to buy already successful ones. You can make it a business to build pages and sell them once they are ripe for business. The price also depends on the followership and the engagement on the page.

#Become an influencer: Influencers command a lot of respect and have good followership. In turn, you get approached by individuals and brands to promote their services/products. Depending on the followership and authority, Influencers get paid a lot of money.

#Become a brand ambassador. As a brand ambassador, you are likely going to be promoting their products constantly on your page, and some of your contents are going to be centered on the brands image. Brand ambassadors also get paid a lot of money.

#Link your page to a Blog / Youtube Channel. If you have a facebook page with tons of engagement, it’s going to be of great advantage to connect the page to blog or youtube Channel to send traffic to them. It’s easier to make money on blogs and youtube channels as there are ready made monetization channels. Click here to read more about making money with blogs. 


If you found this helpful or have questions, leave a question in the comment section below.



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