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Being a creator/Influencer on JeduNigeria comes with its share of fun benefit. In fact, that is the central theme of the whole website, as it is a website for Creators/Influencers. 


Benefits of being a Jedun Creator

Jedun Creators are given special treatments on Jedun. Their adverts get approved faster, they are allowed to sell their products on our shop at much lesser charge, they earn higher commissions, they get paid faster, they get to communicate directly with us directly and have better all relationships with us.


Who is a Creator?

Anything posted on Internet communities can be called “content”, but on Jedun, it’s more than that.

Just as the name implies, a Creator “creates” stuffs. But for the purpose of this website, a Creator provides valuable contents that people can learn from, benefit from, or just have loads of fun from. This goes for Influencers too, as they have a lot of followership and engagement due to the fact that people love what they do.


What a Creator does.

Basically anything Original, creative and meaningful. A creator must work hard to provide reasonable contents for his/her readers. This includes but not limited to:



  • Tutorials/Teaching: If you are good at anything, to the point you can teach/show people how to do them in series, you can be a Creator and start a tutorial channel/group on Jedun. You are not allowed to post videos on Jedun, but you can upload them on Youtube and Embed the link on your channel.
  • Post creative stories/write-ups: If you are a good writer and got a lot of content to amaze your readers, you are welcome to Jedun as a creator. Create a group and start posting your write-ups.
  • Provide Solution to Problems. You may not be dishing out tutorials on a daily basis, but if you can constantly provide solutions/answers in certain issues, just like you would have in WhatsApp groups, you are welcome to Jedun as a Creator.
  • Helpful Commentaries and reviews. Commentaries and reviews are needed on a second basis by tons of people who have a hard time deciding on what to choose, buy or read. If you can create well-researched, in-depth, unbias and helpful reviews or comments on products or services, you are welcome also. Note that they have to be thoroughly researched and in-depth.
  • Blogs: I assume you know what blogs are. If you are not, check the blog section to see what they look like. Choose a niche and write blog contents on your channel/group.
  • Any other Creative activity: As long as it is insightful, fun and original, do it. If you are not sure if your group content is acceptable as a creator, chat with us.


You can’t be approved as a Creator if you:


  • Post memes, Sarcasm, Jokes, pictures, update about your life activities. You can do all that on Jedun to catch fun and maybe get popular, but it takes more than that to be a Creator.
  • Post religious updates. We do not regard religious posts/teachings as creative contents. You can post them if you wish to, but you won’t be approved as a creator.
  • Post gossip contents. If you post basically gossip contents and even get tons of traffic, you won’t be considered a creator.
  • Steal or Plagiarize contents from Twitter, Facebook, and other cyberspaces. Lifting other peoples’ contents and posting them as yours would get you disapproved in an instant even if you are already an approved creator.


Getting Approved as a Creator

Getting Approved as a Creator is both Automated and manual. It’s automated because the system tracks all your actions and when you achieve all Creator status, the system triggers the Creator badge. However, we check your activities and see if you fit into the conditions stated above and then, accept or decline.

Apply for a badge here


Before you can be a creator, you must:

  • Be at least, 18 years of age. 
  • Have at least, an active group with at least, 10 members. Create a group here
  • Have at least, 10 original, non-plagiarized and meaningful posts in your group. Use the Forum to post your contents, then share them in your group as updates. Click here to go to Forums.
  • Have at least, a total of 20 comments across your Group posts and Forums.
  • Have been a registered member for at least, 5 days without breaking any of our rules.
  • Use your real Pictures and Names on your profile.

As a Creator, you may;

  • Create Groups, upload and share contents on the Group you created.
  • Upload and update images and texts on your group, profile and on the activity page.
  • Paste links leading to legitimate websites only.
  • Create threads and reply to threads on Forums.
  • Share your group links in JeduNigeria forums, groups, blog posts, and other websites apart from Jedun.com.ng.



  • Creators have to be aware and well conversant with our Terms and Service.
  • Creators have to maintain the highest decorum and show maturity, to make the jedun community a fun, insightful and the best Nigerian community to be.
  • We want to be a sane community of intelligent people with the best contents in Nigeria and we would do our best make it so. Since our Creators mostly determine the kinds of content in this space, we would always keep them in very strict check. We are going to penalize, suspend or totally ban you if you go against our Policies. 


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