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People truthfully often ask “how much does it cost to build a website in Nigeria”? They are often quite confused how much is “okay” or “too much” to pay a designer to build a website for them. Today, I want to show you exactly the things a professional website designer does, the efforts he puts into it and how much he should earn per project.

You absolutely can create a website yourself within 30 minutes for FREE.

But if you are planning of getting to get an excellent free website, just quit that idea. It’s absolutely absurd.  People have spent thousands to millions of dollars, learning and creating these resources. They can’t give everything out for free.

 I know Nigerians love free stuff, but free and cheap stuff won’t get you anywhere.

Many people want either free or the cheapest things, but the truth is even though you get it for free or extremely cheap, you can never get the best quality. A car and an airplane can both get from Lagos to Abuja. An airplane ticket is much expensive than a bus ticket, but you know the difference.

Creating a free website

Unless you just want a blog/website to play with and nothing serious, don’t ever consider using a free blog using wordpress.com or blogspot.com. In fact, you need to be scared of them. These are the reasons:

  1. Free Blogs are hosted on another website, they are technically not yours. A free WordPress or Blogspot blog is like opening a Facebook account. Facebook can decide to ban your account anytime. The same way free blogs are. Your blog is not technically yours and you can wake up one day and it’s gone. The terms and conditions of these services clearly state that they can shut down your website at any time without providing you a reason. If they shut down a website, they usually don’t give your data or provide you with a way to save your content.
  2. Free Blogs are extremely limited. When it comes to design, Free Blogs are terrible. You only have few poorly designed templates and you can’t go outside that. You can’t control what is going on your website more than what is already there. You can’t monetize it and there are a lot of restrictions that are just too absurd. There are several functionalities you can’t have because you have no control.
  3. Free hosting guarantees no safety. For those who attempt using other Free hosting companies, due to the fact that is free, the company can’t afford to spend huge money to maintain their sites. This makes the server security lose and hackers can take over them. This happened to a company named 2ip which offered free hosting services. Hundreds of thousand users started their blog in it. They were hacked and they shut down. All the websites on it were lost forever. The same happened with yahoo geocities.
  4. Free Websites are actually not free. Truth is, they are making money from you indirectly by advertising through your “free” blog.
  5. Free websites have extremely unprofessional domain names. All free websites have domains like qualitynigeria.wordpress.com You can imagine how ridiculous the name sounds. It doesn’t look well, it doesn’t sound well and many people will regard you an unserious person.
  6. Migration is Very Difficult. This is the most painful and scary part of it. Imagine you already have thousands of followers and readers and you want to migrate to a self-hosted custom domain, it is quite difficult and complex to migrate it. You would eventually have to pay a Freelancer to do it for you and they will charge you so much. Even if you pay a freelancer, there is no guarantee that he won’t make a mistake and your contents, followers and everything you have worked hard to get will disappear in a moment.

Do not just get involved yourself with Free Blogs. You have everything to lose.

Building with the cheapest resources

Truth be told, it’s tempting to look for the cheapest, but as you know, most times, the cheapest is not the best. Sometimes too, the most expensive is not necessarily the best too.

Note that, being cheap is relative. There are some products or services that are cheaper compared to other products and there are some that are out of proportion.

Getting a new laptop for 70,000 naira is quite cheap. A good laptop should cost far above that. But it’s still manageable. However, a brand new laptop that costs 12,000 naira is out of proportion. You can be sure that all things being equal, it is a piece of trash.

Do not be too hurry to rush for the cheapest, even though it is tempting because you want to cut down the price.

I have seen people claiming they can build a website, including hosting and domain registration for 2,500. It’s actually a very laughable idea because even a .com domain name should cost you nothing less than 3,500 naira.

The problem with ridiculously cheap website designs.

When you see a website designer charge you to build your website for too low, know that any or all of these is the case.

  1. He/she is not ready to do anything serious with your website. At this age, creating a simple website is quite easy. In just a day, you can host, buy your domain, install a WordPress theme and your website is ready. That is a mere installation of cms. Your website is ready, but it’ll be very empty without any customization.
  2. He/she doesn’t know what he is doing. Lots of day-old learners also claim to be website designers. Many don’t even know what it means to build a fully functional, responsive and great website. He/she would just install a theme, slap some pictures as header and overload millions of plugins to do every single task without even knowing how it affects the speed, know nothing about SEO, XML sitemaps and many other kinds of stuff. He/she actually thinks that all to a website is that it is working. Interestingly, all can be done in a few hours and you’ll spend the rest of your years re-designing and re-fixing everything.
  3. He/she is a scammer. Another situation is that he/she is a scammer. He’ll promise heaven and earth and at the end, either run away with your money or deliver a trashy non-useable website.
  4. He/she actually wants to work by all costs. For some reasons, some people actually want to work by all costs. He/she knows the work well and knows everything to do, but doesn’t get anybody to give him any project and needs money desperately. He can accept any price no matter how low. But don’t be deceived, there is a limit to how he can go without good compensation and motivation. He can’t give his best and put all his effort as if he is NOT well paid.

How much is too low and how much is too high?

Now, this is the answer to the question “how much does it cost to build a website in Nigeria  “. The truth is, the nature of your website will determine how much is too low, enough or too high. There are several determinants.

  1. Price of hosting. Hosting companies have various prices for a year.
    The lowest is namecheap (about 4,000naira), followed by iPage (about 13,00naira) to Bluehost (about 21,000), to siteground (about 22,000), then Hostgator (about 25,000naira). There are so many hosting companies, but these are our recommendations.Domain name. This usually costs between $10-$15 depending on the registrar. This is about 4,000-6,000. This can be bought alongside with hosting.
  2. Developing the website. Using CMS is probably the cheapest way to go. If you want a huge website like sellar.co or www.invoice.ng or v.connect or any other huge website, CMS can’t be or is a bad idea to use. You have to pay programmers. Just be ready to several pay millions of naira. But we are not developing; we are only designing a normal website using CMS, right? Let’s move on then.
  3. Paid themes. There are many very good looking free theme but you can never compare with paid themes. In fact, paid themes are the way to go if you want a really beautiful and fully functional website. A paid theme averagely costs about $60 which is about 24,000 naira.
  4. Paid plugins. There are some plugins you would need to achieve some aims. You might need up to three or four of them. Plugins cost between $40 to $60. You can go for the free ones, but be sure that you can’t get the best. That’s probably $150 which is about 60,000 naira.
  5. Paid services. Services like auto-responders that will handle your email collections, subscriptions, lists, and sending emails. Aweber, the most popular paid autoresponder costs $19 per month. For a year, it costs $228 which is about 91,200 naira. Paid Contact forms like wp-forms cost about $39 a year which is about 15,00 naira. You can opt-in for the free options but they are very limited.
  6. The Logo. If you do not have a logo, a good logo costs around 10,000 naira to 20,000. Some would go more than that, and some, as low as 5,000 naira. You can get one for free by designing it yourself on canva. But you can’t get a professional and brand-able one that way.
  7. The Designer’s charge. The truth is all the costs above goes straight into the provider companies’ account, and not the designer. A professional website designer has spent a lot of hours, sleepless nights and money, learning how to use these things. Also, when he is building the website, he’ll still spend a lot of time, building the interface, carousels, arrangement, alignment and a lot of things you will never know/understand unless you are a website designer. The amount charged by a designer also depends on several factors.
  8. The website’s number of pages. The more the number pages of the website, the more he’ll charge.
  • The complexity of each page. Many website designers only design the home page(using only the WordPress customizer) and leave other pages. This is because they do not know how to design customize other pages apart from the home page. A good website designer can customize every page to whatever he wants. Based on complexity, each page design should cost from 2,000 naira(for simple pages) to 5,000(more complex pages) naira or even much more. Designing a page is a deliberate, delicate, time-consuming task. It takes a lot of reasoning, reading and researching, imagination, patience and time to design a very intuitive page. It may take 3-7 days to completely design a page to satisfaction. If your website is to have 10 pages to be customized, he should charge an average of 30,000naira just for designing those pages.
  • Usability and functionality. This involves organizing pages into the information architecture, creating the navigation, and setting the labels for links. It can also include formal testing, such as usability testing. It’s easy to just put something up on the website but what is the use if people can’t make use of them. Broken links, dead links, unusable forms, and other common errors can frustrate people out of your website. A good designer makes sure that everything is working perfectly. The more time a web designer spends on these tasks, the easier your website will be to navigate, but it will also add to the cost. Let’s assume he charges 5,000 naira for that.
  • Content Upload. Do you have loads of articles, pictures, videos, audios for him to upload to your new website? It takes a lot of time, arranging and uploading them all. It costs extra-charges. If you have so many things to upload, let’s assume he charges 5,000 naira.
  • This should be a concern of all website designers. On-site and off-site SEO, Sitemaps and several other things should be done on new websites to make them available for search engines to crawl in. These attract extra charges. He can charge 5,000 naira for this.
  • Social media integration, form creation and subscription. Creating forms and linking them with email accounts, creating auto-responder accounts and integrating them with corresponding plugins, designing the forms, social media integration and so on takes time to do. He can also charge 5,000 naira for this too.
  • Content Writing. Do you already have what to write on your homepage, contact us page, about page, hire us page and other pages? Do you already have all the pictures to use in all these pages? If you don’t have and you need your designer to write everything(or outsource it to a content writer) for you and get quality pictures for you, he’ll charge for that too. Depending on how much content he’ll write, he can charge up to 10,000 naira or more. I write contents for far more than 30,000 naira.
  • Training you to manage your website. It’ll be extremely terrible if you can’t even manage your website yourself after he has built it. This means you will have to pay him every time to do anything you need to be done on the website. You’ll go broke if you do that. Doing simple things like uploading a post, approving a comment, replying a comment, updating plugins and so on is a must for you to know. If you do not know how he should be able to teach you and provide a guide, but for a small charge too. He can charge up to 5,000 naira for a detailed teaching or teach you for free if he is nice and considerate.
  • Unforeseen Errors. There are times designers face difficulties with plugins, with unresponsive scripts, bad codes, bugs, conflicts, errors and so many things that go wrong. A designer deals with these things and doesn’t tell you about it. You may never know the amount of “errors” or “malfunctions” designers deal with without telling you. Sometimes, it may take days to figure out and fix just an error. But that’s his job, right?Yes! That’s his job. He doesn’t have to tell you. His job is to fix them and provide you with a fully functional website. Your job is to pay him well for his work done.


Do you now have an idea how much does it cost to build a website in Nigeria? As you can see, a professional website is not a joke. It takes a lot of time and energy to create.  From what you can read, how much do you think your website designer should charge you?


your website designer only means you are planning to get so little. Completing the tasks above can take 2 weeks of intensive work, depending on how complex, beautiful and functional you want it. It is not a joke to create something great. It can also be completed in two to three days if it’s just a basic and simple design.


From the analysis above, let’s try to calculate the cost of an averagely good website.

  1. We choose iPage  12,000
  2. Domain 6,000
  3. Theme (Free)
  4. Plugins (Free)
  5. Services(Free)
  6. Logo(Free from canva)
  7. Designer’s charge 60,000 (Assuming your pages are not very complex and less than 10)

Total = 78,000


From the estimation, we used several free resources.(Themes, Plugins, Services and Logo). If we were to use paid resources, it’ll be a minimum of 182,000 which is about $500.

Can you see how costly it is to build a good website? So next time you see a beautiful website, you should know the effort, time and money that had been used to develop such.

The truth is paying a designer less than $150 (60,000 naira) means you are not ready for serious business. No designer in his right mind will spend all his time and resources, designing the best for you for 10,000 or 20,000.

Surely, you can still get a fair website for that price but don’t seriously expect the best. Any website designer that doesn’t know that he should charge up to (or far more than) that for a good website design doesn’t know what he is doing. He probably does not know is his job and is probably a bad designer.

From experience, I realize many Nigerians don’t understand what goes into designing a good website, and so do not value the designers. This makes them think they can’t afford it. Most young people who want to start an online business can think 10,000 naira is more than enough to build a website like Facebook.


This works a lot of time. It might take a while, but it’s the best bet if you are too stingy to pay a designer.  When the going gets tough, it’s easy to ruin the whole website and spend more money fixing it. If you have never built a site before you are going to spend a lot of time figuring out how things work.

It takes time, hard work and practice to know these things.

If you want to do it yourself, then you have to learn, practice and keep practicing until you are good at it. Otherwise, save yourself some stress, bring out some good cash and hire a professional to do it for you.


You can contact us at JeduNigeria on 07013473097 to build your website and also, for graphics work too. 


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