blogging in Nigeria

Blogging in Nigeria


Blogging in Nigeria is not new, at least not with the explosive news of Linda Ikeji, who is certainly the richest blogger in Nigeria. Although many had been blogging even before her, her name skyrocketed the word “blogging” in the ears of Nigerians. Now, everyone wants to be a blogger. 

I have people chat me up and asking me what blogging entails, and from my discussions, I have seen that a lot of people have a long way to go in understanding what blogging means. So, in this blog post, I am going to discuss what blogging in Nigeria entails, and all the things you need to know before you start. 

If you are eager to jump into blogging in Nigeria without reading and digesting this, you are going to a rough journey, if you don’t quit within months. So, relax and learn. 

First of all, if you have never blogged before, do not claim you know about blogging. It’s easier to read and assume you already know about it until you start. That is when you will realize theoretical knowledge is NOT the same as practical knowledge.

I have written a more detailed and very blog post here, so make sure you read it for more information about blogging in Nigeria.

Second, do not jump into blogging because you heard people make money from it. People make money from driving trucks too. Why not start driving trucks? Also, when you write well on social media, they start encouraging you to start a blog. Do not fall for that if you do not understand the implications of what you are about to do. 

Are you ready to know the financial, economic, emotional, physical and mental cost of blogging in Nigeria? Let’s get started. 

What Blogging in Nigeria Entails

#1: Blogging in Nigeria costs money.

The cost of the domain, hosting and hiring a web designer is not cheap. Unless you meet a quack designer who has no idea what blogging entails, you can’t get it cheap. Do you want to know how much it costs? I have written a post about it here. Also, be mindful that domain and hosting are renewed every year.

#2: Traffic is your all you need, and you have to “hustle” for it.

On social media, once you have friends and you post, your friends are going to see it. It’s not the same with a blog. You have to hustle for each traffic that comes to your website. Do you know the sad thing? Those who encouraged you to start blogging won’t read your blog. When you share your link on social media, they hardly click on it. Every day, you have to think of ways to get traffic to your blog. Without traffic, your blog is dead.

#3 You have to write consistently.

I have been quite deficient in this too, but right now, I’m fully back. Posting consistently means you have to keep thinking and coming up with new contents. Can you handle that? Unless you want to become are one of those thieving bloggers who specialize in stealing other people’s contents, you need to write fresh contents weekly or daily.

#4 You need to learn how to use Search Engine Optimization, Email campaigns, and Social Media to drive traffic and sales. It takes a lot of work to manage these. If you do not know how, I have an online training for that here. Join the class here for a token of 1,500 naira. I have prepared several videos teaching everything from scratch.

#5 There is Money in blogging if you do it right, but it won’t come immediately.

Do not be too anxious about money, because if it doesn’t come as fast as you expect, you are going to burn out very soon or get frustrated. You have to first pay your dues in full. There is no pain without gain and it may have to get worse before it gets better.

#6 You have to choose your niche wisely.

Make sure you have interest and passion about your niche. Also, choose a niche that can be easily monetized. Almost all niches can be monetized, but some niches are better monetized than others.

#7 Blogging in Nigeria is both difficult and easy.

It depends on who you are learning from and how much you are implementing what you learn. If you do it right, you get good results. If you do it wrong, you get frustrated out of the game.

#8 You have to take Patience as your best friend.

Everything about blogging takes time. The ones getting results now have been trying and failing for a while before they finally got a hang of it. Those having good traffic today once had zero traffic on their blogs. Those making good money once had made nothing. Everything takes time.

#9  There are several ways to make money through blogs.

You don’t have to depend on Adsense. Some of the Top Bloggers I know don’t use it at all, but they earn more than any blogger I know. And if you eventually get Adsense, do not disfigure your blog with obtrusive and distracting ads. Moderacy is important. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

#10 Never stop learning.

I have been learning about blogging for over three years, and I still learn new things till today. If you think you know all by reading one article or watching a video, you KNOW NOTHING, “Jon Snow”. Lolz.

Anyway, do not assume you know all. Many know more than you, and you can learn and pick up new methods of earning, and new ways of getting traffic. It’s a continuous process, and it’s a fierce game.

Now that you know what to expect, I recommend you read my in-depth article about blogging, how to start, what you need to start and what to when you start. Click here to read it. Do you  have any questions inquiries, ask in the comment section or contact me personally using any of my social links below.



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