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    Four ways to make money online
    1.Work as a freelancer online and earn $50 per hour
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    No Matter What Happens, God Loves You. No Matter How Many Failures, God Loves You. God Loves You No Matter What! 🙏✌

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    _Contact *SubbieDre Collection*,_
    We specialize in the sale of bags,shoes, sneaker and other male accessories.
    Our goods are sold at the cheapest prices and we deliver anywhere in Nigeria.
    All our products are quality materials.
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    *By Dr Laide Okubena*

    *5 minutes Read*

    This was inspired by someone I saw the post on social media yesterday on someone said was depressed. So I had to share this.

    Please If you are having Suicidal thoughts kindly visit the doctor or Experts therapists immediately for attention.

    HOW DO I DEAL WITH…[Read more]


    There are several untapped businesses in Nigeria. Usually, everybody is focusing on the latest and trending businesses. In a short time, it becomes overcrowded and most people make

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    poverty is an enemy of everybody but when once you overcome it thats when you will be successfull in life.

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    hmm being a faliure does not mean that you will be a faliure forvever.
    Failure is a courage to a success my brodas and sisters lets keep it up.

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    life is just all about struggling all the time of the day to make it in life some times i will be wondering why so many people have not achieve their goal not that they are not struggling

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    On the Island of the affluent in Lagos, I rarely hear aircraft buzzing in the sky, except the posh helicopters of the busy rich. The airport and flight noise don’t affect the airspace, it only devalues the land.

    The rich pretend to pray, but God is on the Mainland, land on the island is too expensive to build many worship c…[Read more]

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