• It’s been a while here.

    We are working on a couple of improvements that’ll benefit Everybody.

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    Ask any questions about Jedun on this page. I am here to answer.

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  • Hello Guys,
    Its been a while. I’ve been busy with exams and stuff but I’m free now, even though not totally free.

    lets get this group lively again. expect a new banger on how to make some side-cash as students.

    as usual, all questions are always welcomed.

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  • Earning legitimately online in Nigeria by doing the things you do on social media.

    Agreed, we spend a chunk of our time on social media in Nigeria. I think it makes more sense if instead of all our efforts being

  • Jedun.com.ng s a platform that pays you for posting?

    You get paid for posting, reading, chatting, when people like your posts, and so on.

    This is the most expressive and exciting medium for social media writers and influencers.

    I so much want to be applauded, that I lost who I am. I struggled hard to meet up to the expectations of everyone, to be good enough to be appreciated and respected, praised and cheered.
    I wanted to do things for people to recognize me, hits likes on facebook, followers on instagram ,I strive to keep the uploads,…[Read more]

  • Mr Jedu posted an update 2 months ago

    Going to school is cute. In fact, if you don’t, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

    So many jobs out there require a minimum of B.sc, second class upper, or a Master’s degree.

    It doesn’t matter how skillful you are, they aren’t going to lower their standards.

    Please, as much as possible, go to school and do well.

    Don’t let people…[Read more]

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  • 12 more ways to make money
    1.start a courier business.
    2.start an accounting business.
    3.start a hand made gift shop business.
    4.start a sandwich bar business.
    5.start a dating agency or network.
    6.start a design clothes shop.
    7.start a professional gardening.
    8.start a man with a van business.
    9.start a e-bay business.
    10.start…[Read more]

  • Presentation for today 10 easy ways to make money online and offline
    1.start a health fast food delivery service:to start this kind of service you need to get a means of transporting your service to the people interested in the service .
    2.start online digital product selling business:this require little or less income to start.
    3.start a…[Read more]

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  • Sitting on a Goldmine without knowing?

    Read how you can leverage your Facebook friends and make more Money each day.

    Are you aware of the goldmine you are sitting on?

  • You are sitting on a goldmine and you are not even aware of it. Let me show you are you can start making 3-5k in a day.

    Being brilliant is cute. I like it too. But having money is cuter. You don’t need to have all the money in the world, but something you can use yo carry out your normal daily lives.

    There are cute ways to make make money…[Read more]

  • Top ten ways to make money online
    1.online surveys
    2.paid for searching the web
    3.apply for jedun afillite package
    4.online market trading
    5.Start your own website
    6.review website and apps for cash
    7.get paid to sites
    8.become a delivery rider or agent
    9.write and publish your own ebook
    10.affilite marketing

  • We are here back members,we dropping ten ways to make money online,drop ur questions in the comments section,we will get back to you as soon as possible

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    You can withdraw your coins.

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    Premium Members can start withdrawing their Jeducoins now.

    Coin withdrawal form

    Note that this is for premium members only. If you haven’t upgraded, do that right now.

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