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We are creating the perfect Community and avenue for Content Creators and businesses in Nigeria. Creators go through a lot, carving out contents daily, and only a few make any money at all. Most social websites tend to neglect their creators and take all the revenues made by their creators for themselves.

Our mission is to create a safe platform for intelligent and hard-working creators to express themselves and also, make an earning. We are also interested in creating a perfect online community for small and big businesses in Nigeria to engage and relate with.

Content Creators are the Real Deal.

Every Social Media website live-off the huge traffic from thousands of contents uploaded each day by its users. Most of the times, a large number of engagements that generate high-traffic are from valuable and hard-working content creators.

These Content Creators are the life-wire of Social Media Websites.

Sadly, they often are not appreicated.

Even though these creators are the one who create engaging contents that lead to huge traffic, the website owners make money from advertisement, and take all the proceedings from themselves, conveniently leaving out the content creators who are generating traffic.

We are bringing a stop to that.

It’s high time creators’ efforts are appreciated and rewarded. At JeduNigeria, we allow our content creators to get as creative as they can. We support their businesses and brands by promoting them for Free, give aways, and making them earn through referrals.

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